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Wow, our Melvins marathon really hit the spot last night. They played live, then showed the new documentary about the band and ended with a q&a with the directors and the band. #melvins #kingbuzzo #drummersthatrule

The NOTS rocked the house tonight with their off-kilter punk jams. Well worth the drive to Santa Rosa! So glad I finally got to see them. #thenots #memphispunk #iwillnotmissthemagain

Back in 1985 I was lucky enough to see The New City Fresh Festival tour with Run DMC, Whodini and a few other acts. I had already been breakdancing and listening to hip-hop for a few years but that show was a life changer and left an impression on me forever. I still carry a vivid snapshot in my head of Run DMC being on stage in their Adidas, leather coats and hats just killing it. We went to the Oakland Museum last weekend and they had a modern pair of Run-DMC’s signature Adidas signed by all of them with a tribute to Jam Master Jay. Uplifting and sad at the same time. #rundmc #kingofrock #myadidas

Capped off a great evening last night with a stroll around these beautiful lanterns in front of City Hall. There was a massive rave going on at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium so the street fashion around us was on point.

Getting ready to record my radio show for MRR Radio. It is getting deep with multiple Crass Records releases.

I spotted the artist Clair Bandersnatch starting this piece last week at the corner of 14th and Valencia. Now a whole wall of her art is up there and well worth a peep! One of my favorite SF street artists. #clairbandersnatch #itonlyhurtsifyoucare

We got a little arty at the SFMOMA yesterday with the #SelfComposed photo machine. And if you get a chance, you must check out William Kentridge's "The Refusal of Time" exhibit. One of the best art pieces that I have experienced in a very long time.

Come out tonight to see Jennifer's latest art creations and hear me DJ all your favorite obscure rock n' roll and new wave tracks. The show is at Glama-Rama in SF and starts at 7:30pm. See you there!

New art from Hofmann Studios! Hey everyone Jennifer is going to be part of a staff art opening this coming Saturday at the Glama-Rama salon in San Francisco. She is going to be exhibiting/selling a few pieces including the one in this picture. Plus I will be DJing and playing all your favorite obscure rock n' roll. The show starts at 7:30 and goes until 9pm. I hope to see many of you there! The Facebook link for the show is in my profile.

I am going to break my cardinal rule of never discussing politics online to tell you that I have never been more politically enraged in my lifetime than I have been in the last few weeks. From screaming out loud to tears in my eyes, my emotions have been running raw and unbridled. Like many of us I am trying to figure out how to process what is happening in our country and what I can do to fight back and make sure my voice is heard for those whose voices are being silenced or pushed out. While tonight's sunset gave me a moment of solace it can't quiet the gamut of emotions I am experiencing right now.

What better way to celebrate an epic evening and being up for almost 24 hours straight, than with a Bob's donut. It has been a loooong time since I have scored a glazed crumb. I am usually there too early to get one. Definitely one of my favorite food items of all time. #bobsdonuts #glazedcrumbdonut #whywastetimesleeping