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Rob Birchwood  Hi friend! Welcome to my music page 😺 Leave a comment for me to play a cover of you choice and I'll tag you in it!

Te amo, mi querida #gato #bonito

tired beard hell-o

Dear @pillnotbill ,
I love you Tommy. We are all going to make it because of you. You've inspired so many people with your amazing talent and dedication to your passion. I will never forget the feelings we got when we'd create our art, those "Aha!" moments when our talents came together and we'd both burst out with immense excitement when our ideas clicked, when we knew we've just made something amazing. We've recorded enough material to make at least two albums for you and I now feel that it is my duty to finish whatever tracks I can with all of the great material that you've blessed my hard drive with. I've never worked with anyone with as much talent as you, completely self taught; truly a testament to the incredibly creative mind you possessed. Your spirit is so much alive within all of us, within all or the people you've graced with your presence, a presence that could not be outshone by anyone. Tommy Kocak, the Amazing TK that the world will soon experience and become inspired by, we always promised each other that our music would reach the ears and minds of millions and millions of people and though you are gone, you have already done your part to make that promise become a reality and now it is up to us, the family of musicians that you've inspired, to fulfill your destiny. Your destiny to have the world realize TK, the Legend! Rest in peace for now, for your spirit is about to be in full motion in the hearts of millions! <3 #TKforever #TKtheLegend

music + videos coming soon. #getready

Hey friends ! Follow my instagram, just got my phone fixed so I'll be active again ! Let's play a game, what does Larry Man Paws (yes that's his real name) have that most cats don't ?? Hint : it's related to the name ! 😂😸😺

I got some really bad news today about a close friend, immediately looked outside and just appreciated the beauty of the view outside my house for a half hour. Life is too precious.. chase your dreams. You only have one life. What's the point of living if you don't shoot for the stars? I know I'm going to make it, I have to. Not many people believe I can but that doesn't matter. Don't ever take it to heart. Live your life to the fullest. Life can be taken from us in a heartbeat. Well, new music coming out soon. Livestreams everyday on Facebook. Check me out! Have a blessed night everyone! Never give up..

Majestic little thing #animals #cute #squirrel <3

An I what eye am ?

Feddy Cop , Fedward, the Edmeister #sweg @fetti_fetti97

I liek tortles

Sunday morning #maroon5 #cover give me requests !!

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