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Kicks of the day today are brought to you via Nike - Kobe A.D. NXT.

I started an experiment when the shift shop started The Shift Shop, where I would track how much money I saved based on no longer eating out, and being super precise in my nutrition so I could be super precise in my grocery shopping.

Where are my savings going, you ask? I'm investing them into things that make me perform better (workout equipment), things that fuel my passion (guitar pedals and new cables), and clothes that make me feel better.

You would be AMAZED to see how quickly money adds up when you stop wasting. I was, I still am, and guess what, I'm not stopping!

How do you reward yourself? Is it working for you?

You don’t get rid of yesterday by talking about it all the time.
You get rid of its effect on you by moving forward.



Would you believe that on the left, I was working out 2 to 3 hours a day, and on the right I was working out 25 to 45 minutes a day?

I ate myself into the body on the left. I ate myself into the body on the right.

What I'm trying to get at is, people are going to throw percentages at you, but the key to being successful, for ME at least, is 100% commitment to your nutrition plan, and 100% commitment to your exercise plan.

I haven't thrown out a Flex Friday in a while, and today I felt it was important to share why.

So often, we get stuck in the comparison game. "He is so much leaner."
"Her arms are more ripped than mine."
"His videos are cooler than mine could ever be."


I follow a lot of men AND women who are fitter, stronger, smarter, and more successful than I am. Sometimes seeing them motivates me. Sometimes seeing them creates jealousy. But I've learned that I CHOOSE which one happens.

Social media can be the greatest tool for accountability and motivation if you so CHOOSE, but YOU have to set your intent. Are you tapping on that little IG icon with purpose?

Are you coming on here saying "let me find someone who has made progress so I can believe that I can too!"?

Are you coming on here saying "I'm going to go support the people who I care about and who inspire me!"?

Or are you coming on here just because you're bored and you're looking for a way to kill time?

Listen I'm not here to judge and I'm not here to criticize, but if you follow me, I want to give you VALUE...and today, this is what value looks like.

I've made progress I'm proud of, and you can too.
I showed up and got my workout in today, and you can too.
I believe in myself today, and you can too.

Slow down.
Calm down.
Don’t worry.
Don’t hurry.



Different hats.
Different threads.
I miss the hair.
I don't miss the extra chins.

The person on the left was faced with a choice. Continue along the path of obesity...
Figure it out, and take care of yourself.

If I could teach everyone ONE THING, it would be that THIS VERY MOMENT can be the moment you change. You just have to believe you can, and take action.

I used to think if I worked hard enough, then I could just coast through and everything would be easy. Once I worked hard enough, I realized that coasting IS NOT an option for me.

We get one life to live. The choices we make today will determine what our present and our future holds. YOU have greatness inside of you. Don't be satisfied with average. You're better than that.

We officially embarked on round three of The Shift Shop yesterday and I'm excited to see how much I can push myself. I'm in the best shape of my life, and that doesn't mean the workouts are going to be easy, it means I'm going to get to work harder.

Double tap if you're going to work harder today ✅

Self-care is not selfish or self-indulgent.
We cannot nurture others from a dry well.
WE MUST take care of our own needs first, then we can give from our surplus, or abundance.
EVERYONE has the power to take care of themselves, it’s the one who choose to do so who will change the world.


Who needs a cheat meal? I'll take a cheat pair of Nike IDs. #shiftshop

You gotta make every moment count.

Happy Father's Day to ALL the dads out there. Today, I'll be thinking about cribbage, monster waves, almond joy, elephant jokes, and an uncontrollable bellowing laugh.

I miss mine, I love mine.
I hope you get the opportunity to see yours, or at least take a moment to tell him you love him.

For the past six weeks, I've been more disciplined than ever before in my life.

I was given the opportunity to test out Beachbody's new program The Shift Shop before it's released, and I had two goals:

1 - Follow the plan. Do the 25-45 minutes of workouts a day. Trust the process. Follow the food plan. Drink shakeology daily. Don't spend an extra 2 hours on cardio a day to "improve results". Show the world what following this plan PRECISELY can do.

2 - Fall in love with fitness again. Ill be real here. Since my dad passed away I've felt this hurt and pain when it comes to fitness. Helping him see that he could take control was a big part of my why, and for years, his passing would some days motivate me, and others destroy me. It's been a challenge to see ANY program through to the end. But, @chrisdowningfitness promised a mental and emotional shift, and man did he deliver.

So today, I will officially be a ShiftMaker. I will officially complete all 6 weeks of The Shift Shop and be in the best shape of my life. I will officially be a better husband and a better Beachbody coach. And I'm proud of that.

So here's to finishing what you started. COMPLETION is a powerful thing, and I encourage you, if something was important to you, and life got in the way, let TODAY be the day you get back on track.


Inch by inch is a cinch.
Yard by yard is hard.
No matter where you start, and no matter where you're headed, make sure you take a moment every once in a while and be proud of where you're at.
The prize is in the process, friends!

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