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Sean Cimino, San Diego, Ca. My man holding it down last night. Foster the People are such a good live band. Go see them... promise it's worth every dime. #fosterthepeople @akrobat #canon1v #ilfordhp5

Foster the people. I love my job. Shooting live music is the best. Great live band. They blow me away every time

Michael Andrews of Greyboy Allstars. Music is by far the best form of art. Make it anyway you can: guitars, piano, turntables it doesn't matter. Just make it. Go support live music too. #canon1v #leicam6 #ilfordhp5 #ilfotechc

Growing up the youngest in my neighborhood I was exposed to so many amazing bands from the older kids: The Clash, Joy Division, Sex Pistols, The Stones, Bowie. I'm grateful for that because I love them all. But, it's the bands that you discover that stick with you the closest. I remember hearing U2 the first time when I was 12. I have loved them since. My first concert was their Unforgettable Fire tour in 1985. The photos Anton Corbjin shot for this album are just as amazing as the record itself. Looking forward in seeing this tour.... again.

Pigeon Jon. high Desert, Ca. An out take from last week. He and Flynn have a new Rootbeer album coming out. It's really good. #mamiya7ii #ilfordhp5 @prophotoconnection @filmphotographic.

An old Stussy ad from 2003. Rummaging through old files on the hard drive. @prophotoconnection @filmphotographic

Selah. 2003. I had to learn photography for work, but I fell in love with it shooting my daughter growing up. I carried my camera with me all the time shooting her. I'm so glad I did. She is 17 now and will be going to college sooner then I know. #nikonf4 @prophotoconnection @filmphotographic.

Just vomited a bunch of multiple exposers. Did a few shoots with Evan for his record cover. He let me have some fun. #mamiyarz67 #canon1v #ilfordhp5. @prophotoconnection @filmphotographic @ezisme

Jon Button, Los Angeles, Ca. #canon1v #ilfordhp5. Had the privilege shooting and meeting Jon a few months ago. He is now on tour playing for The Who. Filling John Entwistle shoes is pretty heavy. #thewho @filmphotographic @prophotoconnection @ezisme

James McAlister. Los Angeles, Ca. #contax645 #ilfordhp5. Been a fan of his for a while. Shooing him for his new record was an honor. @filmphotographic @prophotoconnection

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