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Should I be concerned my son’s new favorite band is the Smiths?

Jay Bellerose.Los Angeles, Ca. I’m the luckiest photographer in America. I forget how amazing some of the musicians I get to shoot, and get to know. Mr. Bellerose is a gentle giant behind a drum kit. He has been on so many incredible records. Not only is he an incredible drummer, but he is incredibly humble and always finds times to talk with me at gigs. Such an honor to have these negatives.

City Hall, Los Angeles, Ca.

Austin Brown, Santa Barbara, Ca. Had the pleasure of hanging with @austinbrown__ last weekend. I’ve known Austin since the late 80’s. He has always been a good guy. It was great catching up. Much respect for this guy.

The weather in LA this year has been amazing. Clouds are what reverb is to a guitar player. They ad a perfect texture to the image.

Dylan Day. Silhouettes are great. Not much else to say. @dylnday #mamiyarz67

I did an editorial shoot with Dylan Day last week for a guitar magazine. I like to hang out with the person I’m shooting as long as possible to make things more comfortable and things flow better. I think Dylan and I spent 10 plus hours this day hanging...ending the night at ETA watching Jeff Parker, Anna Butterss and Jay Bellerose, which was incredible. We switched rolls and he shot some photos of me playing his guitar. He definitely had the edge on that. I can’t play as well as he shoots. So he wins the musical chairs award. Love my job. Great hang sir. 📷 @dylnday

Rocco Deluca, Los Angeles, Ca. Ran into my man Rocco the other day at a coffee shop after a photo shoot. I’ve always loved the way cigarettes smell, and have been fascinated when people roll their own. Don’t smoke kids.

Dylan Day. Los Angeles, Ca. Doing what I do has its perks: Seeing free shows, being exposed to new artists, traveling to new places, being in the most iconic music studios where many of my favorite records have been made... but, the best thing is getting to know and becoming friends with the people I shoot. Dylan is such a great guy. He is literally half my age but has twice the wisdom in a lot of things. His playing is so beautiful and effortless. Makes me want to pick up the guitar every time he plays. Very inspiring musician. @dylnday

I’m always finding images to repost when digging around old film scans. I have to say thanks to @mrzzz for helping build the set and light it with me. Ray is a wizard in studio photography. This was shot for @madicunningham album cover a couple of years ago. Really fun project. Thanks Maddi for letting me have fun.

An old image from a few years ago. I’ve only used ilford Panf a couple of times. It is Great for portraits. I need to use it more. @ilfordphoto thanks George for letting me use you.

There are guitar players in LA, and then there is Molly Miller. Word on the street she has her PhD from USC in guitar. Kinda crazy. I Didn’t know one could achieve that. @moodymill

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