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Okay folks, my new personal mission in life is to help THIS family. Tonya, her sister Sonya, their husbands, kids, and mom all narrowly escaped the #CampFire. “We didn’t have anything to begin with, so we don’t need much.” - dad Matthew. I sat with this family for an hour today, seeing the exhaustion and stoicism in their faces...smiling with them, crying a bit with them, and promising them I will do everything in my power to help them. They need housing, Sonya needs a new job (her work burnt to the ground), the kids could use a wee day out, the adults could just use a break. They are currently living in the chaos of an evacuation center and we need to bust them the heck outta that place! If you have or know of temporary or permanent housing (preferably a large house or two homes near each other in the Chico area...but seriously we will take any place that can safely house them) please DM me! Alternatively, I am now specifically collecting donations for this family...they have nada, so even your $5 goes a long way! I feel good about this you guys - I know the world of incredible people genuinely wanting to help during this crisis and this is your friggin chance to put a face to a cause and make a difference. Let’s dooooo this! Venmo me @roamevents or you can send to with the note “CAMPFIRE FAMILY”. If you want to send items give me a shout and I’ll find out what they need and where you can send it. Love everyone so hard right now. The world is good. We got this 🤘 #ButteStrong!

UPDATE: Wow. Just wow. The outpouring of support and donations is incredible y’all. Together we’ve hit the $4,000 mark and already have most of that planned for distribution - high priority is #CampFire families without insurance and those without a place to stay...which leaves a few thousand people on the list. I’m also purchasing new underwear since the stores are all out. Please keep donating (Venmo @roamevents or Also, there is a MASSIVE scarcity of housing in a 70+ mile radius of Chico. If you know anyone who has a rental, in-law unit, converted garage, etc. PLEASE dm me so I can start connecting those looking to rent with a temporary place to live (they have money, just zero houses on the market). People are willing to commute - so if you are anywhere in NorCal, please consider reaching out. #ButteStrong #RebuildTogether #grateful🙏

Devastation as far as you can see. Thank you to all that have donated from my previous post - together we have raised over $3,000 for the community that continues to be ravaged by the #CampFire. Currently the fire is over 110,000 acres and 25% contained. Sadly, 228 people are still missing. The influx of physical donations is overwhelming - please consider cash donations as this is what is needed more than anything across the board. Toothpaste is nice, but this community has incredibly diverse needs and cash is the best way you can help. I’m still taking cash donations and will be meeting with a community organizer later this week to determine how to best distribute these funds. THANK YOU sincerely to everyone who as reached out or donated. Feeling the love ❤️ Venmo @roamevents and PayPal 🙏

Update: Chico and my mom’s house in Durham is currently out of the danger zone for the #CampFire. My dad’s house is safe for now too. Thousands have lost their homes including very close friends and family.
As of this morning the fire is at 109,000 acres and is 25 percent contained.
6,453 residential structures are destroyed. People have lost everything but the clothes they were wearing when they literally had to run from their homes to safety, and so far, 23 have lost their lives. Word is the evacuation centers have a lot of supplies, but what people need are gift certificates so they can take care of their own individual needs. I will be purchasing gift certificates and personally delivering them when I get to Chico this week. If you would like to help (in ANY amount) you can Venmo me @RoamEvents or PayPal with the note CAMPFIRE and I will purchase gift certificates for those in need on your behalf.
People have been asking, “how can I help?” and “does your family need anything?”. Honestly the most helpful thing right now, and what our community needs is cash donations, I wouldn’t be asking if it wasn’t desperately needed. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and donations - they really do make a difference!

UPDATE: 80,000 displaced people, hundreds missing, an entire town burned to the ground. If you are looking to help, please donate to the Camp Fire Evacuation Relief Fund (link in bio)...unfortunately some asshats are setting up fake GoFundMe sites, so unless you personally know the GoFund recipient, please send contributions to the above mentioned fund. The fire has now burned 70,000 acres and is heading toward Forest Ranch, the sweet little mountain town that I grew up in. My family is still safe, friends and family have definitely lost their homes but thankfully are alive and that is all that matters. Please continue to send prayers to firefighters, EMS, relief volunteers and the hundreds of people unaccounted for. The fire is still very much burning and not contained. #CampFire #campfireparadise #chicofire #calfire #paradisefire

“The city of Paradise is gone.” I am beyond devastated to be watching news of my childhood being burned to the ground. My mom and family have been evacuated and are safe, but the loss that is happening is beyond comprehension. This fire started at 6am this morning and has burned 20,000 acres, thousands of structures, and there is zero containment in site. Please send prayers to those who have already lost so much, for my mom and dad’s home to stay standing , and to our firefighters, (sending special prayers to Byron @mrsmvance), EMS, and evacuation volunteers. Special thank you to @actionnewsnow for continuing coverage to keep folks updated and safe.

Throwback to summer adventures with the fam! Thanks @e_r_n_s_t_a_g_r_a_m for the sweet photo!

Seriously can’t stop smiling about this! #loveislove

One year ago I kissed @zoltonator on an epic ride with a beautiful red rock background and thought to myself, “Yep, she’s the one for me!” and started planning my proposal. This weekend, just a few hundred yards from where this photo was taken, Andi made me the happiest I’ve ever been by saying YES! #lovewins #loveislove #mawwiage #engaged💍

Throwback to playing bikes in North Cackalacky 🤘🦖🎉

Don’t get any ideas @zoltonator, but goddamn that baby looks good on you. Thanks for the Madison cuddles @boyle_t!

Hey @californiaolives @reallifemeatball - remember when we nearly sent the waitress into a meltdown? “No, it’s cool, we can fit one more.” 🤘

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