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Road Dogs & Rescue  We rescue bulldogs and Special Needs pups. Email for foster/adopt info. DM me about surrender ❤️

Little Owen Amias Meaney is on IV fluids etc but he hasn’t been eating so we are trying to stabilize his glucose before he makes the trip to LA. He is staying in hospital again tonight and we will see where we are at in the morning.
The GOOD NEWS is that he has moved and stood up! This is the most active he’s been so please keep the love and healing vibes coming.
Huge Thank you to everyone offering to help transport! Truly touched by your kindness.
I think we have it sorted. We will have a big vet bill to pay though so please donate if you can!
PayPal link in bio
Venmo @roadogs
Thank you for caring ❤️

From Los Altos, CA to Los Angeles.
We are trying to save this pup’s life!
Please DM me if you can help! Will pay gas!

#transformationtuesday 🤘
Help transform lives by making a small donation today. Just $5 can make a big difference to our mission!
Road Dogs just took in three new rescues (swipe)
Special Needs needs puppy Frankie Davis, ol’ codge Albert and senior Frenchie girl Birdie Bear ❤️ The only reason Road Dogs can say Yes, is because you say, Yes!
Paypal link in bio
Or Venmo @roadogs
Thanks to @miss_ella_sir_duke_jasper and @ninjabulldog for their help! #roadogsandrescue

Check out these fun entries to the Bulldog Guide to Happiness Calendar Contest!
Still plenty of time to enter your bully and vote! Contest ends Sept 15th.

Every vote is $1 raised so if you think these bullies are cute. VOTE! We are $7k towards our goal of $30k 🤘
Featured here -
@weekendswithburt ❤️❤️❤️ #roadogsandrescue

Barnabus Rex had a neuro check up with Dr Krebbs. He is doing well and ready for his forever home!
BRex is special needs though a d aside from cooking his food because of his cleft palate, and thrives in the following kind of environment-
calm, peaceful (easily over stimulated) , 1 other dog or less. Work from home or home mostly, he is a companion pup who thrives on positive reinforcement. Bulldog experience, special needs understanding. We noticed some behaviors starting and have been having great success with modified training.
Please email for an app
Thanks to @thelabellefoundation and @sabrinalabelle for fostering!

She has a name!
Meet Jemima Plum 🌸
This little cleft palate Frenchie girl was surrendered to Road Dogs at birth. She is now been tube fed by @adorabullbabies for two weeks and is growing stronger every day ❤️

Wow. This got me teary (swipe)
Former adopter @maxkochuncorked just raised over $2k for Road Dogs in his FB Birthday Fundraiser!
I’m posting this video, not because he raised such a large amount, but because it truly touches my heart that our rescues get such amazing homes.
Mickey is no longer with us but he was so loved!
Thank you to all my wonderful adopters and all of you who follow and share this kind of love and compassion for animals.
Show @maxkochuncorked some ❤️ and if you support the Road Dogs mission of transforming lives - please consider helping by doing a birthday fundraiser yourself! 🤘 #roadogsandrescue

Low rider Kingsley Rowe isn’t sure about this sea thing! Unlike ol’ pro, Huxley 🤘
Kingsley still needs a foster or forever home! He is sweet, about 45lbs, gets on with everyone. Would make a wonderful couch potato buddy.
If interested please email for an app. Located in Los Angeles. No shipping! #roadogsandrescue #beachbumcodges

Mathilda Swan is just the cutest chub #gremlin ❤️🌸 #roadogsandrescue

Loving all your entries for The Bulldig Guide to Happiness Calendar 2019 😂❤️😂
Here are just a few!
Don’t forget to enter your bully and vote for your favourites 🤘
This is a chance to have some fun and help Road Dogs to raise some funds!

Blueberry needs an experienced Foster/Adopter
This amazing little Snorkabull is Superfly’s Mum. She is 4 years-old and just the funniest, sweetest girl - once she knows you! She tried to bite out of fear the first couple of days so needs someone who is not intimidated by that and can see her inner bestie. I honestly just held her head and picked her up a few times and then she was great!
No kids though.
If interested and you are bully experienced please email for an app. She is good with other dogs but I would stick to males. She plays well with Wonk-E and Quarrie.

Ace Needs Foster/Forever Home!
This boy is the sweetest. Active, playful and gets on great with everyone! However, he is mild special needs in that he wears diapers in the house due to some incontinence. He is normal aside from this. We’ve seen it a lot more in the ‘rare’ colours.
Sadly this means that NOBODY WANTS ACE NOW!
But changing diapers is really not that big of a deal! Just ask @miss_ella_sir_duke_jasper - they have Five Special Needs bullies!
Please email me at if interested. Out of state considered for an amazing home.

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