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Here’d to better days ahead.

All I want in my life right now is a quiet morning somewhere beautiful.

Current mood.
I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I had stepped into someone’s sanctuary when I first set foot in this bus deep in the woods of Vancouver island. I spent only a few minutes in there, making sure to tread very lightly. This space felt like the end of the line, one step from just walking out into the woods, though to me, it was peaceful, like a crossroads. The person who inhabited it could let go of these last few worldly things, or begin work to rebuild their version of a civilized existence. I deeply connect with the instinct to find a little spot for myself that feels, for whatever reason inaccessible to everyone else. Sometimes, the end of the world can look really beautiful.

Yesterday was a little rough, 30 mile an hour headwinds made me push the truck to its very limits for the first five hours of my drive. It wouldn’t go any faster than 55 with the pedal to the floor. It’s was super stressful, I spent the hole time waiting for it to overheat and for my little vacation to be over. Eventually, I got the clouds of eastern Colorado, the wind subsided and the drive smoothed out. What should have been an eight hour drive turned into eleven, but here I am, where I need to be. All is good.

Taking my show at The Bourgeois Pig today. It’s been a lot of fun having a little of my travel work up there and seeing it in printed form. It will all move over to my space, Studio Studio on Mass. Come over to see it sometime if you missed it at the pig!

I shot this photo on one of the most beautiful evenings of my life in southern Alberta, CA last spring.

I photographed this Bighorn Sheep in Jasper, Alberta Canada last spring. I’m always in awe of such powerful and majestic creatures. I feel so lucky to have been able to spend a little time with this one.

There’s only a couple days left to go check out my show: Everything all the time at the Bourgeois Pig. Please take a minute to go see it if you haven’t yet. The minute I take it down on Tuesday I’m getting on my truck for some much needed Colorado time. #makeportraits

Current mood.

Some backdrops are just better than others. Adam Batchelor, 2017.
Tahsis, British Columbia.

My happy place.

Douglas County Fair, 2018.

I’ll admit that I have a bit of a hoarding problem, I have a tendency to try to keep the best parts of my life to myself. I don’t know why really, I guess I’m afraid that If I share them that they will be over and gone. One thing I’ve kept pretty close to my chest is the product of my experience with Roadlyfe. As soon as I felt the pangs of change, I basically stopped sharing anything that I had made in the last year of my travels. Now, I have an opportunity to share some of my experience with some of you. The things that I saw during my travels changed my entire perspective on happiness and humanity. The strength, fear, affection, and intelligence that I saw in the eyes of the wild animals I encountered made me question everything that I thought I knew about nature. I was washed with the intricacy and emotion of my experience in the wilderness. I hope to be able to share some of the things that I learn out there with you. Please join me next Friday (July 27th) at The Bourgeois Pig in Lawrence for the opening of my new photo show: Everything, all the time.


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