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One of 5 of the largest trees of Angelina National Forest, Tx. in this one acre grove, of bald cypress trees, hidden in this old Natchez River bed.
Last I heard there is no way of dating bald cypress trees because they grow hollow. Old timers say the knees only grow about 2 inches in 10 years making this 200' tree about 12,000 years old.
There related to the redwood and sequoia, with over 100 species of cypress, and more than 20 of bald cypress, but this is the only variety, I know, that have bald knees like these.
This is what the forest of East Texas must have looked like 200 years ago, until these trees were turned into shingles and burned in the Chicago fire!
They call East Texas the Piney Woods now.😎

My favorite trees are what I highly suspect to be a real panther den, and also the largest trees in Angelina National Forest, and I don't think they knew they were here.
Panthers won't attack people who are probably there only threat but one did come out the night after my descovery to let me know there there. You would half to threaten to be shredded.
These Panthers I think are a black leopard - mountain lion mix where the Florida Black Panthers are panther - mountain lion mix.
They screem like a woman, black, and your outside dogs, that don't like inside, insist on coming inside for a few days, whenever there around, until there gone.😎

I thought my Friend on Facebook had an accident, 2 years ago, but it must have been someone else.
They all look so alike!
She said she had a friend with her, and sent his clean cut America picture, so I figured she was in good hands.
I know we have invented new textiles, transparent metal, and made a lot of discoveries since.😎

Maybe this is what we look like after we are dead?
This is one of my Friends, when I had a Facebook account, that may have been captured in a "new" New Mexico ufo crash about 2 years ago.
She said she was ok and didn't crash and had someone with them that looked military.
The cover photo and profile picture changed.
I heard they may live on the dark side of moon, and I suspect inside!
Pluto may be a space station, too, out of orbit like that.😎

I'm thinking dark matter may be a small black hole or black matter, to weak or small to gather planets to make a galaxy, that clogs up to make a planet instead, and may be the substance at the center of every natural planet.
But then living on a planet that is trying to make a brain that actually works-"Who Knows"!😎

I think that organised crime in politics must have stolen most of the gold in Fort Knox by saying that they "legally" sold it for $84 an once, when the global rate was $300. Then rased it to $1500 an oz after stealing it again in Iraq!
Looks like they may have started the war in Iraq to still it back and take the oil and control of the country too.
After most of it must have ended up there, from a soldier I talked to that unloaded cargo containers of gold and money, for weeks, with there squad!
Things like this could be the actual cause of climatic change converting the Earth back into a Jurassic world so that Adams Family can return to Earth and rule the universe as Man, being Reptilian. Rather than Human, in order for the Sun to red dwarf "properly", so that people on earth can live forever as the Gods that they should be. I heard they live on Lyra now but could be anywhere.
I wonder if Man will be Human or Reptilian?
I think it could be Human but that's not what's happening according to climatic change, and could super nova any second instead, if this is true!😎

I think we could lose the war on organized crime if an organization like the "MAFIA" got elected to most of the political offices in the US and legalized crime to there benefit!
They could use the stock market to strong arm business out of most of there profit and take over the companies, then pedal drugs through the pharmaceutical companies, and loan shark through the credit card companies, + auto theft, insurance fraud etc.+!
Most of the world profit would just be a number no one would ever see if that ever happened and we could lose the war on organized crime in the US!😎

Lost pelicans on Ashurest Lake, Arizona last month.
The breeding knots may be why there as far off course as they can possibly be.😍

Here is what these elk did when they saw the 10 shot burst led from my timer this morning.😎

Just topped Grand Mesa Colorado, 5-11-15, when I started that unexpected shortcut back down, straightening out a curve at 45 mph, and ending up at the bottom of the hill a foot from the motorcycle, on my back.
Without the motorcycle I had to walk a mile about an hour later for dinner, and with new handle bars, motor guard, windshield, and some finder repair etc. I was on the road again 4 days later, so I wasn't seriously injured. Would have been dead without full leathers. 😎

I added another 75 watts of solar for a total of 405 but at 22 amps I still need 200 more watts to be able to run a 4000 btu aircondiner that draws 34 amps at 12 volts and I only have 22 now. It's cool weather and can run it with a 1000 generator for 5 hours on .6 tenths of a gallon of gas or intermittent.
I have a 1800 watt pure sine wave inverter for ac power dedicated to the freezer but power for the refrigerator and even the microwave in full sun for a 30 minute recovery for popcorn. The freezer is the most important part of backcountry camping. I can stay out 30 days with the 84 gallons of water I can hall.
I've gone 30 days twice now without the generator.
Just added that fan to draw the heat off the freezer and refrigerator for efficiency.
Need to coat the roof but also need 3 days of 50° or better and it is going to get down to 26° in a day or 2.😎

Maybe because of the global flood Adam and Eve were something like Reptilians and we are actually a civilization from another galaxy.
I wonder if these so called Reptilian spaceships are like Adam & Eve after 20+ million years of evolution, and Man should actually be Reptilians living in a Jurassic park, and we should be relocated to wherever we actually came from.
Noah may have transplanted us in a reptilian galaxy and we may actually be Man Kind and the Reptilian would be Man instead.
Nothing that was here before the flood was here afterwards.
It's not the Jurassic park it was and probably should be.
The prime directive may have been broken to manipulate Man.
As the center of exzistance the Earth could have been flooded to stop what was becoming a more violent atmosphere from developing an even more violent universe thus existence.
Wonder what it should be now that we could bring it back thinking that is not our disishion?🤔 😎

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