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Vicki Todd  Massage therapist & birth doula in Alberta. Love me all the good things.


Broke out this oldie for my morning drive to get groceries. As "Hello Bonjour" was playing and I was car dancing along in the parking lot, I got some strange looks! I'm sure @tomjoepower would say it's a jam?! Come on! @michaelfranti is always a jam! Especially on a sunny summer day! #soulrockers #michaelfranti #jam #summertime #cardancing

This tiny human turns two tomorrow. My heart breaks a little more to think how much he's grown, but I love how he's turning into such a fun little boy. A two-boy. How can that be? #stopgrowing #almosttwo #mamasbaby

Comfortably happy back at home
#franksinatra #walkabout #thecatcameback

#tbt to Tuesday when the wind picked up and we went to watch big sister play ball. A special treat to sit in the front seat and push all of the buttons on the dashboard #ballseason #frontseatfun #brothers

Oh, Frank Sinatra-where are you? If you live in Coaldale, please keep your eyes out for this handsome fella. He went out yesterday at 2:00 and hasn't come home! We're so worried! Missing from 19th Street and 23rd Avenue. I suspect he's found his way into a garage or shed.
#coaldale #missingkitty #lostcat

The challenge is sharing the garden hose.
#brothers #sharingishard #gardening

This one routinely wakes at 5:30, and we have to listen to whimpering cries while we shush him and try to savor the last 30 minutes. In a king sized bed with just me-he's still asleep. I've been up 3 times to feed the cats and let them out, his brother has been in to report that he and dad are up and inside from the backyard tenting and this one hasn't moved....#needsakingsizebed #toddlertroubles

Welp, it was a nice idea while it lasted....#toddler #cosleeping #nosleepingalone

May Long Weekend means backyard camping! It also means mama gets the king size inside all to myself! Win-win! #noriomformama #sorrynotsorry #dadsidea #maylongweekend @dusterino the tent lives on!

Even Big Fat Wayne is Loving the summer activities! #bigfatwayne #fatcats #catsofinstagram

After supper sprinkler fun! #maylong


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