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  || N É I C A || Gardapati-Teknik Industri ITS 2014 🙆🙆

It's cold outside ❄

First, learn from someone inspires you. Then, start creating your own style.

Well, i'm still in the first step.
(I hope you don't mind @naelaali )

Terima kasih.

Selama satu kepengurusan ini, kalian sudah membuat saya banyak belajar disaat saya yang harusnya lebih memfasilitasi keingintahuan kalian. Terima kasih untuk segala usaha, pencapaian, dan pengabulan keinginan launching majalah.

Maafkan saya jadi orang yang paling banyak meminta, sering ngomel, dan marah saat rapat dan di chat.

Personally, i don't care that much about the results.
It is the process that we should be looking for. The joy in learning and the family we create along the process. And the tears fall down on your face just show how much you care about our dreams. Yes, ours.

Terima kasih, kominfo 🐕 dan HMTI HEROES 16/17 💜💛

Injit-injit kelinci 🐇

Butuh asupan guyonan absurd dari para tukang gincu ini

Well below your ego 
There's a place that doesn't care 
What people say or think or do 
It's very peaceful there
This place is deep inside you 
It's way beneath your skin 
The stillness that surrounds you there 
Is you without the spin
It's soul, unspoilt, it's raw 
Untouched by human mind 
Affected not by boxes 
Or labels of any kind
When you can find your inner peace 
Anytime or place 
No matter what is happening 
You have your own calm space

by Vanessa Hughes

Tutup dulu ya bukunya 📚😂

Till we meet again 🚌

Masak-masak kapan itu 🍝

Yang minta diupload kado bikinannya 😂

Close your eyes, rest your weary mind
Let yourself drift into sleep
Be enchanted by your dreams
I'll still be right by your side in the morning when we rise
Down you go into dreamland
where flowers grow and never die
But be careful where you tread
You might slip and break your head
But i'll still be right by your side in the morning we rise

Dreamland by @mel0nnn

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