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Some days I have to work harder to earn the respect of my students. I've found that clothes are one way I can do that. I try to wear things that are comfortable, professional, and (above all) stylish because I want my students to see that I care about the way I present myself to them. They may not remember the lessons I teach them, but they remember what I wear. Today a student told me, "Ms . Mahle, I like your pineapples," and that opened the door to more conversation throughout the class period. I'm hoping that as the semester goes on, I'm able to continue the conversations that begin with talking about clothing.

Today one of my students told me that he looks forward to coming to my class every day.
That's all it takes sometimes.

Today I taught my first full day of school. There were points in the day when my anxiety peaked, and I was glad a trash can was nearby in case I started vomiting. There were moments when I knew I was making an utter fool of myself as I acted Marc Antony's role in Julius Caesar. There were moments when I almost cried because I continually feel so unfit for teaching.
Today I taught my first full day of school. It was an incredible day.

The past couple of days, I have been extremely down. I have struggled as I have seen the world as a whole and my little world collapse around me into strife, confusion, frustration, and fear.
Today I learned what it means to work through this. I had to go to school and help teach people who are dealing with their own broken worlds. I smiled as a hundred students walked in and out of the classroom door. I sat and helped catch my students up on what they had missed while they were absent or suspended.
Today I did my best to show love to these human beings who will inherit this earth very soon, even though I found it difficult to show love to myself.

I'm not very good at taking the time to rest, but I'm taking today to regroup and remind myself of the tasks ahead.
Part of me feels that I shouldn't be resting on the day we choose to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr., but as I've thought about it, I find that it is okay.
I'm resting up for the fight ahead, the opportunity to help continue Mr. King's legacy. Our world and our country are so broken, and I'm feeling more called than ever to do what I can to heal my corner of the world.
So to those of you resting today, thank you. Rest up for the fight, then get to work.
For those of you fighting today. Thank you for your vigor and your vitality.
May we cultivate a world of love.

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Some days are spent thinking about the new life I am about to live and creating things for the new home I am about to have.

Grant, I'm so glad you were the first real boy I asked to a function! Tonight was LIT!

I always feel happiest on dreary days.

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