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There are over 7 billion people on this planet, so objectively we can say that one death isn't at all significant.

But we also know that a death of a friend, or even someone we've known or looked up to,
is a great loss,
and Linkin Park brings this idea to vocal reality.

Good bye, Chester Bennington.
One side out of a hexagon won't make it hexagon.
Linkin Park without you isn't Linkin Park.

#RIPchesterbennington 🖤

who cares if one more light goes out?
we all do.. 😔 #RIPchesterbennington

every 90s kid's childhood hero🤘🏻no more sorrow, chez? 😭#RIPchesterbennington

baby, i know places we won't be found🌲

something out of the blue🕌💙

paradise found✔️

waves callin📞

find me by the sea, under the palm tree🌴

best escape anyone can have🌊

but here i am, next to you🎶

may Allah grant our parents jannah al-firdaus😭✨ #1438h🌙

happy bday to the sister-i-never-have🎂
wish you nothing but live longer than me so i'd never go a day without you🤢🥗
this probably the lowest quality of a pic in my feed, but that's you in it, so i don't mind posting it❤
long life nurul farida!🏅

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