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Benson bloated last night. Thankfully we caught it early and he did not torsion. He acted fine all day yesterday until about 20 min after eating his dinner. Then he acted like he had something stuck in his throat. Then the non productive vomiting started and the wretching of thick foam. He couldn't keep somethicone down in either pill form or liquid. Ran him to the emergency vet and X-rays confirmed what we were scared of. He was immediately intubated and they used a gastric tube to remove the excess gas and food in his stomach. They did not do surgery but he will need to have gastropexy done preventatively. Once they bloat they are twice as likely to do it again and we may not get so lucky next time. Know your dog and know the signs. #greatdane #greatdanesofinstagram #greatdanesunleashed #greatdanesunlimited #danesofinstagram #bloat

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