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C H I G G A 🇮🇩 🇨🇳  I believe in fantasies too much you might get tired of me. Dancer | Violinist Twins Trouble • Bang !t West 📍Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia


Finally got time to get sweat😂 was just trying to chill and bouncing around (fooling around) felt really happy and refresh after hectic weekssssss 💋
Saran dan kritik dipersilahkan!
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The BIGGEST bi-annual event from Last Minute Street Crew is back!

LMSC Dance Convention 2017
September 1st - 3rd
▪LMSC's 6th Dance Production
▪Blockbuster Move Streetdance Competition
▪ International Masterclasses by:
- Kayte Willis (Singapore)
- Locking A-Wei (Taiwan)
- Jackson Boogie (Malaysia)
- Semmy Blank (Indonesia)
- Dominique Kita (Japan)
Mark the date!

Tickets & inquiries:
LINE - @lastminutesc
12th Anniversary, 12 Prizes!

Win 12 prizes of #LMSCdanceconvention2017!

1. Repost this photo along with the caption
2. Follow & tag @lastminute_sc & 5 of your friends
3. Winners will be selected randomly and announced on Sunday, August 27th, 2017. (don't make your ig private)

- Winner cannot choose the prize, prize selected randomly
- For free masterclasses, winner can choose the preferred international choreographer
#LMSCDC2017 #LMSCdanceconvention #GenYu #BlockbusterMove #lmsc #lastminutestreetcrew

Adventures happen both inside your head and in real life. But sometimes the adventure inside your head which we called it "imagination" can be more daring.
Books can take you anywhere even the furthest side of the universe which your body can't reach~💫 #ipukankuningan #HarryPotter #HarryPotterBook #harrypotterandthehalfbloodprince #Potterhead #booknerd

I was an archer once i was 8 or 9 😛 and joined a competition once haha.. it's been more than 7 years since the last time i touched a bow, i thought i still got it😂
#archer #archery #sport #ipukankuningan #Sunday

Thank you for tonights feast, Tio!
Once again, Happy Birthday to you one of my best listeners of my life's complaints😂😛❤️ (udah lewat sih tgl 20) gapapalah ..
#birthdayboy #birthdayfeast #friends #highschoolmate

Bang !t West at Elvina's Sweet 17🎉
#ElvinasSweet17 #Dancers #birthdayparty #Bang!tWest

Accio Books!!!📚
This is how you spend your money well😍
Thank you @litteracie for this boxset!
Go visit them to find the finest imported books with the budget that fits your pocket👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 #HarryPotter #HarryPotterbooks #HarryPotterBoxset #Potterhead #happy

Missing travelling euphoria💔
#throwback #SingaporeTrip #universalstudiosingapore

Taqobbalallahuminna wa minkum barakallahufikum.
Alhamdulillah for another Ramadhan🙏🏼 Happy Ied Mubarak from your favourite violinist!! Hope you're spending this day with your beloved ones❤️ Don't forget to spread the joy around you🎉
#happyiedmubarak #lebaran2017 #spreadthejoyaroundyou

Thank you for last night's laugh💋
#lastnight #bestfriends #juniorhighschool

The symbol of love, happiness, even sadness💐
Flower by: @nathaliekezia @natashaloiss 😘
#flowerbouquet #gift

Another year has passed!! Year 11 was okay for me. Nothing too seriously tough went along but some cool things did happen:
1. On the first semester i conquered physics subject for the entire semester
2. I got into a fight (not physical)
3. Went on study tour together which is cool
4. On the second semester i missed class a lot
We've been together for a year now. You guys are both awesome and suck at the same time😂 but thank you for being my friends. Can't wait for senior year and finish school terms!! Best of luck to all of us🙏🏼
#Vafour81 #Smansacrb #HighSchool #Classmates #Year11 #friends

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