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// Youngblood // @messytunes_  Make me happy with food and books📚🍕 Indonesian-Chinese🇲🇨🇨🇳 Dancer | Musician | Performer Twins Trouble • Bang !t West 📍Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia

Throwback to a year ago when i made the best hair bun in the history of my life👌🏼 #Throwback #Latepost #lastyear #universalstudios

#HighschoolHighlights number 5:
I found my long lost sister!! This one is another hard working young lady. My best junior!!! And i swear she’s wiser than me😂 love you vin! Gonna miss you so much😘😘😭
#2018Graduate #smansacrb

#HighschoolHighlights number 4:
This guy right here is the one who loosened the tenses in class, our Big Boss!!! Another thank you to you for being a good friend, nugi! And so excited we will be in the same city😂😂😂🌹
#2018Graduate #smansacrb

#HighschoolHighlights number 3:
My fav boys in class! On the 2nd year these people were the only ones i talked to. On the left we have Raka, the one who always listened to my problems, i kept babbling all the time without caring if he’s annoyed or not lol but he listened anyway, sorry rak! And thank you haha😂 on the right we have Dandy, a class is not complete without a comedian, and yes he’s the funniest! Even sometimes i felt like you’re a lil bit annoying, Dan but thank you for the laughs😂
Thank you to both of you for being such good friends to me, i’ll miss you guys dearly❤️ and Goodluck🌹
#2018Graduate #smansacrb

#HighschoolHighlights number 2:
This charmer right here was my very first real life crush😂 we were sweet, guys, believe me. I used to not liking him but ended up loving him lol, learned a lesson to not hating on someone so much👌🏼 Our story ended up being a drama😂 he’s a smart ass! Thank you for being a good friend, bram. Wishing you luck on your university life, be a good boy! Hope we can still be friends, and hope to see you in the future🌹
#2018Graduate #smansacrb

#HighschoolHighlights number 1:
2 years being classmates but only 1 year that i got to know you better. This lady over here is such an ambitious person i’ve ever met! She’s the one who made me appriciate kpops😤 She’s the most loyal listener of my daydreams😂 I’M SO PROUD OF YOU YOU’VE PROVED YOUR PARENTS WRONG! YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE DENTIST ALREADY!🌹Thank you for being such a good friend, thank you for your words when i’m doubting myself. I will miss our arguments on Math class, our teamwork on Chemistry and Biology, and our what-the-hell-is-this manners on Physics😂
We did it, dhe! We graduated with top grades together! LOVE YOU!!!❤️❤️
#2018Graduates #smansacrb

Yo girl survived Highschool!!! GRADUATED ON TOP 27 GRADES OUT OF 475 GRADUATES🎉 (if u don’t call it a hardwork then piss off!) What a journey! I learned so much about life in the past 3 years. Never been so grateful!
Warning: spam posting for the next few days👌🏼
#2018Graduate #smansacrb #HighSchool

That one time i wore full make up👏🏼👏🏼
LOOK AT THEM BROWS!!! By @denis.makeup 💙💙
#Throwback #Latepost #Sweet17 #makeup

All respect to my Captain!👊🏼
#TeamCaptain #CaptainAmerica #Anvengers #InfinityWar #hosting

I’m an artist. A dancer. Dancer is someone who does a lot of art. We make movements based on how we feel, the dance floor is the canvas and our movement is the scratch or paint. We also live in music, we dancer need to be one with the music. And i’d like to say that dance is not only a hobby for me, it’s LIFE. I AM A DANCER. Ini video pas aku lagi battle sih hehe so in this video i’m freestyling. As a dancer i’m trying to give out the best in me. Freestyling is so fun for me because there are no rules😂
Rizma mau nonton nonton NET 5.0 BECAUSE DUDE THERE ARE NO OTHER REASON, I WANT THIS TO BE A GIFT FOR MYSELF SETELAH UN😛 ada sih alesan lain i really want to see Hailee😭😭 she’s the best lah!! And you say we’ll get a VVIP treatmeant sooo yeaah i really want to exeperience that at least once in a lifetime😂🙏🏼 Last one, and maybe this reason can give me extra credit😂 I WANNA GO BACKSTAGE AND SAY THANK YOU FOR THE CREWS OF NET TV FOR GIVING INDONESIA THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT!! And i’m not joking about this you guys really rock!🎉🎉🍕🍕👑Thank you for reading my babbling!!! #SiapaSihLo #ZILINGOxICA5
@netmediatama @zilingoid

After 2 years.. we were never this close😂 sorry guys for my i-hate-everyone manner for the past years😂
#friends #Classmate #girls

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