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IKOY  Drawings and shits INFP-T. 94 Liner

You're not just a star. You are the whole universe to me.

#drawing #coloredpencil #sketch #art #artshare

너는 내 마음을 흔들어 놓고 나는 되돌릴 수 없다 🐴

Forget all the shooting stars and all the silver moons
We've been making shades of purple out of red and blue
Sickeningly sweet like honey, don't need money
All I need is you
For Him-Troye Sivan

#sketch #drawing #coloredpencildrawing #artshare

OK. I got chills.
Dokyeom-Fly (Ideal Cut In Seoul)

cr: yoonjinuna

He felt cold breeze on his skin. Fall's end. First snow flakes touched his skin. He simpered. He always hate snow. Hugged himself he walked slowly to the rail. There's no one there. Only him and old rail road that abandoned decades ago.
He looked down. Then kneeled. Place his bare hands to cold rusted metal. He took a deep breath as he laid his head on the cold metal. Tears fell down slowly. Memories from years ago played in his head. He prayed. He asked for forgiveness. To whoever would listen him.

Maybe I just don't have any motivation to do art. Or maybe I just got art block. Perhaps I'm just too depressed. I don't know either.

A very small pinwheel
Just blanking standing there
Looking so lonely as if it’s looking for someone
Felt like it was looking at me
-Pinwheel, Seventeen Vocal Unit

Full of loneliness, this garden is bloomed full of thorns, I hung my self in this sand castle. -The sincerity that couldn't be delivered.


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