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Rivka Peiffer  believer in magic, love & change 🌈 rainbow spirit | Yoga ΰ₯¦ Adventure ΰ₯¦ Wellness ΰ₯¦ Travel | rivkayoga@gmail.com πŸ¦„ #exploremore 🌱growing 🌸 @photobyriv

🌞🌻🌀 meet my succulent family 🌱🌡
Thank you all for the comments and questions on my last post! I'll try to answer more this weekend β™₯️
A few of you asked to hear me sing more often and also what my tattoo means, so turn the sound on 😘 my tattoo on my back (assuming this is the one you all meant) is of a hamsa hand morphed with an elephant 🐘 with the Sanskrit symbol for Anahata or heart chakra, in the all seeing eye oh her forehead. It has many deep meanings to me but mostly protection and a reminder to give love to myself too. I can wear myself out easily and am kind to a fault sometimes. So it helps me remember to have self care and self love. Though doing, serving and being there for others brings me great happiness, I also gotta be there for me ya know ;) πŸ–πŸ½β™₯️🐘
Happy flowy sunny day!
My cover is my version of Rihanna, Close to you.
Wearing @aloyoga shorties

A few questions I get asked regularly :)
Were you born flexible?
No! πŸ™ˆ I wasn't athletic at all until about 4 years ago when I started to practice & teach yoga. I couldn't do splits, dancer or any form of arm balance. It's all about the process & I've learned to just go with it. Everyone starts at their own unique place, so don't get worried about what others can do or what you can't, just practice β™₯️
A really random one I get alot is if my eye color & lashes are natural? yes both are πŸ™ˆ my hair on the other hand unfortunately isn't naturally purple πŸ˜œπŸ¦„
How old are you, what's your sign? I'm 24 & Virgo 🌱
What do you do besides yoga?
I climb, hike & have a daily yoga practice, aside from that I don't do much else but I do like to climb trees & monkey around when ever given the opportunity πŸ’
Do you have online classes, do you teach in the Bay Area, when is your next retreat?
I am currently working on an ebook & website for you all πŸ€— which I'm so excited about! I teach privates in the Bay Area, I'll be teaching a Backbend workshop in April in SF πŸ™πŸ½ My next yoga retreat will most likely be in Hawaii mid to late fall :) I'm also open to location suggestions ✨
Do I do photography ?
I am just getting into it more & have always enjoyed it :) you can see more at @photobyriv
πŸ¦‹ I also wanted to touch on a subject that I feel is necessary in this community & in social media.
I am a regular human πŸ€“
This is just a window in which people see into others, & most of the time we pull the shades closed when things get hard. A lot of people share only what they're proud of or are inspired by, which I think sparks a ripple effect of positivity. But I also see value & connection in being authentic & real. That sometimes life hits you hard. In order to grow & learn from certain things we need support, and to be able to relate to others moving through similar struggles. I try to be as open as I feel comfortable & share what I'm moving through, happy or sad. Just remember that we all have our own struggle and that we can all improve and help one another by remembering just that and being there for eachother. ✊🏽β™₯️
Oh & if you ever wondered if I love you, the answer is
YES πŸ’— #chooselove

Practice, love & breathe πŸ¦„
Practice and all is coming loves
You are worthy, give yourself permission to let go
Song - The Moon Song, Karen O
Unicorn bending in @aloyoga
#uniquecorn πŸ’—

It's not what you're looking at but what you see. It's not what you're listening for but what you hear.
We see, hear, experience everything not as it is but as we are.
PC | my wonderful friend @fitflexjuli
Wearing my favorite colorful @aloyoga xo

πŸ¦‹ Each person is a different door to a new world. ✨
Remember that you and the stars in the sky are made of the same magical dust ⭐️ @qinniart πŸ¦„

Immerse yourself in nature and watch yourself grow into your truest nature πŸ¦‹

For those of you who have asked where to find the music I share, check my story :) you can follow me on Spotify at rivkayoga πŸ‘πŸ½ Sadly no I don't have anywhere to send you for the covers I sing, I haven't found the best way to do that so you could download... yet! πŸ€“
Happy Monday loves! 🌱✨ keep shining

Spent the day exploring, climbing trees, dropping yoga in public places and strengthening my unapologetically-me muscle, even when I don't have anyone with me πŸ€—
As a woman, who likes to adventure and yoga everywhere, you can imagine the things (some) people think they can say, whistle and gesture at me, eesssppecially when I'm alone.
Today I was reading and was reminded that it's all just noise, noise that I can tune out and turn off.
So here's a quick little handy by the bridge, that I covered up very well πŸ™ˆ
Posting as a reminder to myself and to you all to be unapologetically yourself in every situation and experience πŸ›πŸ¦‹πŸ¦„
Wearing all @aloyoga ✨ #yogaeverywhere

It is love we must hold onto
Never easy, but we try
Sometimes our happiness is captured
Somehow, our time and place stand still
Love lives on inside our hearts and always will
- Beauty and the Beast πŸ’œπŸΎ Nature yoga x @aloyoga πŸ€—

🌸 When we focus on leading a passionate, meaningful life, we are also inadvertently creating a spectacular ripple effect of inspiration in the lives around us. When one person follows a dream, tries something new, or takes a daring leap, everyone nearby feels their passionate energy. Before too long, they are making their own daring leaps while simultaneously inspiring others. 🌸

xo @aloyoga πŸ¦‹

You guys πŸ™ˆ I made a photography account 🐘 🐾 @photobyriv
If you enjoy animal cuteness, photography or stories go check it out πŸ† and let me know what you want to see more of!

@rothschildsafaris 🐘β™₯️

Slowly but surely πŸ€—
Let it come to you on its own, don't force it, breathe. Accept.
Practice practice practice and all is coming πŸ’—
Happy Wednesday loves
@aloyoga πŸŠπŸ¦‹
My version of Lean On :)

Compass πŸ€— most of the time I have no idea how to navigate through this thing called life. To be honest it's been quite hard as of late, such is life, up and down like a roller coaster ride :) This is when I need to practice yoga and meditate the most, when I put it off I can feel my gut asking me,
- when was the last time you really sat down and practiced, cleared your mind and played the tunes of your heart ?

So today I'm asking you, πŸ‘†πŸ½
🌞🌱🍊 @aloyoga

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