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A June 1st release would make an awesome birthday present. And as it's also the day that Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was released. We can make it a nod to The Beatles.

I've always had social anxiety that came from being bullied constantly. I never talked to anyone in school as a kid, but when the era of cell phones began I learned to hold conversations over text and that helped me become more comfortable around people overall.

In college I had a pin that read “I’m a Cuomosexual” with my face on it. I may be middle aged and married now, but I’m still a Cuomosexual at heart.

I swear by God and my soul. I am not lame, I do not limp, I am not deformed or maimed; my hair is like fairest lilies, touching the floor when I stand. And though my mouth is aquiline and my nose is rather blunt, I have teeth of topaz, raising my beauty up to high heaven. My voice, as you’ll see, just listen, as sweet as the sweetest tone, and my nature and appearance, something less than only middling. All these and my other graces are the spoils won by your arrows.

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