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I'm thinking of buying a hammock/tent and spending some time escaping into nature.

I've been trapped in my mind a bit lately. Food has been kinda my go to for self medication for the past 7 months. I went down to 130lbs last year by eating well and exercising roughly 5 days a week doing HIIT and strength training for months. I did this for the Japan trip and I still hated how I looked. I ate all the weight back and I feel like I lack motivation for almost everything, especially exercise even though I can feel my knees are in pain, my slouch returns and my clothes no longer fit therefor creating bouts of mania and severe anxiety at the THOUGHT of needing to leave my PJs and go outside. The thought that all of that hard work is gone. You can't really tell in the photo (like most photos on social media) but holy fuck it's been a struggle and I can't tell what's real or what's in my head. Lately I have gotten a little bit of energy, not sure where from. But I feel like the comic is my unfinished business that is keeping me going. Bottom line is, if you feel this way, know you are not alone. It's not about weight or bad relationships with food, it's about mental instability and the loss of the will to do anything. I'm here to talk if anyone relates, I'm going to fork out some $$$ for counselling soon in hopes it can improve my life and maybe I can help others too. I'll never stop sharing or talking about these things cause it's fucking important and should not be taboo!
#nothingisaymakessense #mentalhealth

The majestic creepy goodness that is my cat's mouth. It inspires me for some reason...?

My setup for the last stream. 🌿

Geode bookends from my crystal collection.

My cat reacts to summer the same way I do.

Picked up some goods from a little hobby farm. They are so perfect. 💖👌

I actually feel like I have some idea of what direction I want to go in. I hope I can someday move to Japan, even if it's for a year. I hope to make this comic my main career if it becomes something I can handle. It's a lot of pressure not from others but from myself. I have to keep telling myself nothing will get done unless I allow it to have some faults, nothing is perfect. I hope this comic can reflect everything I want it to be. I hope to finish it before the end of the year. It's late, I can't write proper sentences but I am exploding with inspiration combined with fear of not creating character concepts that guide the story well. Making a comic is a whole new ballgame. Wish me luck. #curtainsasbackdrops

My bedroom is looking cozier now that we've moved stuff around. 💖💕

Fed some of the local fat torpedoes again the other day.

I have a problem...I want to live in a forest but I live in a 1 bedroom apt that I am stuck in till I can afford to move. So I have about 24 plant children. And the issue is that I don't think 24 is enough...like I need either 15 more small ones or 5 big ones. Wtf is my head?

Bought some papers today. I'm going to let them inspire some new pieces. 🌿✨

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