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Jordan Hansen  Preserver & defender of the natural world by way of art and word🌙 Snap: riverjordann 📍:Utah 💌:Love letters & commissions: helloriverjordan@gmail.com

So I was really sick and honestly slept through earth day yesterday, which is a shame because it was BEAUTIFUL and it’s like the most important day of the year, but I just wanted to express to you how incredibly in love with our planet I am and how it makes me sick and chills me to the core to think of it’s abuse. Our abuse on it. I’m so grateful for the beauty it sustains, but we must protect this. We must! 🌱🌲🌳🌴🍃🌼🌻🌵

🦌 kind of

Happy Valentine’s day to my best friend. He’s probably gonna kill me for posting this picture 🖤

The wolf 🐺 One of the most superstitiously regarded and feared creatures in history, & on the flip side, one of the most loved and respected. But let’s talk about that first part.

Between the years of 1850 and 1900, over a million wolves were killed. In Europe, the frightening image of the werewolf 👹 was exploited by the Roman church to wrangle up secular control over their people, & this was brought to America with the many immigrants seeking a free land. This led to the call of the extinction of the species in 1907.

They were nearly extinct at one point! However, the indigenous people there held the animal in high regards, respecting it as a balance to the ecosystem, a symbol of wisdom, and a teacher of tactics and skill.

These days, wolves are much better off than they were then (probably due to Native Americans being rad). However, as human population grows, more and more rapidly they are losing the land to roam & live, and it’s handed over to us dominant species. We threaten their existence once more, now not out of fear and hate, but by selfishness & laziness.

Here’s the important part: I’m not suggesting that we either start killing off the human population to make more room for wolves 😵 or let the wolves roam around in the places where our children play and our livestock dwell 👶🏼🐑🐓. Let’s be real here. What I am suggesting, however, is that we do our best to take care of the environment that remains their home. The wilderness is their home and when we have taken so much of it already, let us preserve what is left for them to live on. Let us be good to mother nature, & allow her to bring forth her beautiful fruits and preserve her beautiful creatures, such as the wolf 🐺 •
Now the question is: white or purple 😈

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Something on my mind lately has been authenticity of person. While I was walking to the store the other day, I had to stop and wait at a crosswalk. Stopped at the same place was a man in a suit that was a little too large for him and shoes that had seen better days. His hair was combed nicely and he was holding a small flip phone.
Though he seemed a little anxious about something, he warmly said to me “hi! How are you?” Other things on my mind, I responded with a fixed smile and a robotic “good. How are you?” The man replied “oh that’s good. I’m a little nervous, I just got out of a job interview and I really hope I did well enough to get the job.” He turned his phone a bit and said “I haven’t gotten a call yet, but we’ll see!” To which I responded “I’m sure you did a great job, they’ll probably call you later.” And he said “you think??” Which I affirmed again. He then smiled a little and said “There is always hope, my friend.” The man’s sincerity struck me powerfully as he walked across the street and we parted ways, and made me reflect on myself and how busy I can become in my brain, causing me to divert my thoughts from the world around me. This man was a great refresher for me, and made me feel like a human again when I was stressed ouuttt. So thanks to the rad man at the crosswalk, I hope you got the job. And there is always hope 💡

Kindness is like snow, everything it covers it makes beautiful ❄️💙

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SO COLD! But loving it 😊 I literally haven’t taken off my hat or jacket all day even when I’m inside and this is the first time today I’ve taken off my gloves 😂 so I always think that every season is my favorite when it’s happening, but I’m pretty sure winter is my actual favorite ❄️💞 I’d be down to go live on the ice planet Hoth from Star Wars if I could, where the world is just white and magical! Finally getting some beautiful snow in Utah has been a huge blessing this weekend, and even though my weak body can’t handle the cold, I love it anyway ❤️ every time I look at the snow covered mountains 🏔 I want to paint them, but I feel like I won’t be able to do their majesty justice 🙈 what winter scene or item would you guys like to see me create?? Ideas are always nice when I’m a little dried up on them! ❄️🌨☃️ #winter #winterart #snow #favoriteseason # #snowymountains #majestic #cold #coldasheck #perpetuallysickperson #butiloveit #artist #astistsblock #drieduponideas #penshy #ideas #donateideastojordan #whatyouwanttosee #starwars #hoth #iceplanet #butnoabominablesnowmanplease #whiteisthebestcolor #ireallyloveyouguys

“We are not only what we’ve been before” -The Moth & The Flame

This piece is a very interesting one, and one that made me realize more deeply a concept that I thought I already knew. As people, as anything else living on the planet, we are not sedentary. We move, we grow, we love, and we change; we even change our loves and our lives. Because you had a love for Barney when you were young doesn’t mean you’re still as hyped about it now.
Which if you’re still into Barney, that’s cool too man ✌🏼 But a little more seriously, maybe you were great at baseball in High school, good enough to go all the way, but that wasn’t what you wanted. Maybe you wanted to go to law school instead. Or maybe you were supposed to go to law school and decided you wanted to go into theater 🎭

And then there are maybe some bad and even terrible habits that we used to allow into our lives. Things that were slightly harmful or perhaps totally destructive. Things that clouded our skies and made our path murky.
The truth is, we can change to be whatever we want to be. We can change to be something good, better, and what we want to be. We can pull out of the blotched clouds that are making it difficult to see, difficult to fly. There is a way out. Just find it, like this seabird.

#seabird #birdart #flying #flyaway #leavethestuffbehind #chooseyourcourse #leavebehindthemurkiness #perseverance #dowhatyouwant #hatersgonnahatehatehate #habits #lifestyle #change #changeforthebetter #become #bewhoyouwant #wearenotonlywhatwevebeenbefore #stonetemplepilots #love #thetruth #getout #freeyourself #justfindit #hope #thereisalwayshope #inkandwatercolor

I love trees 🌲🌳 like, really love them. And I wanted to share some thoughts on them, if you guys don’t mind 😘 One of the most profound lessons I have learned from trees sprouted (see what I did there?) from a deep contemplation I was having one Tuesday afternoon while in the forest two years ago.

I realized that every winter, trees besides ones like these pine trees, trees of all kinds, lose their leaves, draw low in nutrients and sunlight, and are forced into a position of something like death. Dead trees, we call them. The sun has gone away and it is cold and there is so little to feel. It is a dark time for trees. 🌚

But, after every winter, when the sun starts to weakly shine 🌤 🌧 and the warmth returns, they blossom once more into beautiful life. Even after their brutal season of depression and near death, they spread their branches forth in victory every spring. They are victorious over their dark times, every year. Every single year of their lives.
How hopeful trees seem to remain. How inspiring their hope is for mine. For I can hope, when it is dark and cold and I feel near death, for the sun to come again. The winter may be long, but the sun will be very nice.
#trees #thesunwillcomeagain #hope #thesunwillbeverynice #spring #winter #darkness #light #victorious #life #chooselife #waitforthelight #thelightwillcome #persevere #ilovetrees
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Most people don’t know how tiny this guy really is. I can’t wait to make prints of him and he can be big! He’s one of my favorite things I have ever created, partly because he is a seahorse and seahorses are some of the cutest, sweetest looking creatures out there. But I think this particular seahorse has a personality of understanding but not nosiness. He’s a lovely little introverted seahorse and he’ll be your friend if you want 😜 that’s what I get from him anyway 🐚🌊 who wants a print when they’re out? 🙋🏼‍♀️ (PM me if you do want one and I’ll tell you options 😘) #seahorse #seahorseart #sea #adorable #sweet #introvert #underwatercritters #oceanart #oceanic #ocean #art #artist #artistsoninstagram #forsale #cute #arnold

YSA devotional with a very cold @trisha_lu24 I’m so grateful to live close enough to LDS headquarters to be able to participate in such awesome events like this, and I was honestly blown away by how many YSA’s turned up by President Uchtdorf’s invitation. If you missed it, it was wonderful and you can find it on lds.org! Events like this really inspire me and make me feel more like the artist I can be than the artist I am. What makes you feel like the artist you can be? #myhairisdownforonceinmylife #yesitsstillme #ldsdevo #ldsdevotional #saltlakecity #saltlaketemple #conferencebuilding #ilovelight #ilovetoseethetemple #inspires #theartisticanbe #theartistyoucanbe #whatinspiresyou #whatinspiresme

My love got me flowers yesterday for the reason that he loves me and none else. Also, I am taking preorders for this print, “lune.” So if you did want one of these guys to add some magic moonlight to your room or home, DM message me or shoot me an email at helloriverjordan@gmail.com

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