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River Echeverria  Rolfing, slacklining, acro, treeweaves. @treeweaves Picking sticks out of my hair is my part-time job. See clients in ATL/AVL. Check out my blog


These are photos of one of the most glorious moments of my entire life πŸ˜ƒ. I amazed myself by sending the 223 meter line this past GGBY. I actually told the person behind me in line that I was just gonna walk out 50 feet and come back... that was my projected possibility. But once I started walking, I quickly realized that this line was rigged so perfectly that as long as I stayed in a flow state and kept my gaze steady and kept taking steps, I would cross. I only waivered in my balance a couple times, but never fell; eventually I was just heading uphill, toward the anchor. It honestly felt like such a surprise. I have to thank the riggers, because they did an excellent job. Any other rig/tension/webbing and I don't think I would have sent it, and not so smooth. It was so nice to feel like sending a long line was easy, for once.Β  Spencer Seabrook deserves an award for the Skypilot webbing. It's the best webbing. Being in a meditative flow state for such a prolonged length of time is hands down my favorite feeling; it's so profound!
I'm so grateful to @katrinpbell for taking these beautiful photos of me right before I walked off the line πŸ™πŸ». And I'm so grateful to the expert rigging team for keeping everyone safe, and for doing a top notch job rigging lines optimized for bouncing, learning, and sending, respectively.πŸ’ͺ🏼
I started my walk where the 400' drop off starts, rather than walking the short beginning section that is only 20 feet above the ledge, before that huge boulder. 😳Perceived-no-fall-zones can mess with my ability to start off smooth and calm, and since I was just planning to walk 50 feet, I scooted out a little further than was necessary for safety. But I walked to the hang-frame, so to me it was a send. πŸ™‚ take it or leave it.
Shoutout to all the other folks who sent this line this year! Everyone was crushing!!! Cheers to the new era of prolonged exposed meditative flow

Playing on this net has definitely become my favorite thing

Tree Weaves are my favorite yoga prop ever. This was my pre drive ritual today. I love that you can grab it in so many ways to pull yourself deeper into the stretches. Follow my new page for all things tree Weave related: @treeweaves
Track curtesy of Nicola Noir, you can find her sets on SoundCloud.

Linville. Gorgeous. North Carolina.

From now on every fall it's gonna be going highline season in North Carolina. Mark your calendars.
I honestly have no idea who took any of these photos, sorry πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

We are having a an extravagant time rn at In Linville Gorge, NC. The clouds are everything.
This line is called Cloud Weaver, ~50 meters. We also have 4 other lines up between 20 and 140 meters. πŸ™€ it's so beautiful up there. Photos by @man_behind_the_telly
@grow__wild πŸ–€
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Shoutout to Balancing Earth Slacklines for being such good gear vendors. They are about to release a new, exquisitely designed weblock.

The Georgia Weave
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Introducing Tree Weaves 🌳 Custom woven canopies 🌳@treeweaves 🌳
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