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How beautifully blind are we
to ignore the smallest things
in us, for it’s the smallest
parts in us that give us the
power to do the most brilliant
of things. ❤️
~ r.m. drake
Thank you @annamcnaughty for this fun collaboration and incredible edit! 🙏🏼 If you haven’t seen Anna’s work yet, you must head over to her beautiful gallery asap for a peek! 😍

Not gonna lie, it took a little more effort than usual to get on my mat this morning (still not feeling 100% 🤧), BUT once I got moving, it didn’t take long until my body was craving more. AND then somehow this surprising flow happened - I don’t think I’ve ever seen that transition from Wheel to Stag Locust before! 😍
Between all the chilly December weather we’ve been having, & then coming down with a cold earlier in the week, I’ve definitely been feeling more tired & less open than usual. ☃️
So I listened to my body & have been taking it easy the last few days. This morning I felt ready to get moving again.
And thats one of the things I love most about this practice - it’s always here for us, no matter where we are, or how we feel. Whether it’s a 5-minute pranayama session, a short meditation, or an intense 75-minute class - the most challenging - AND the most rewarding thing we ever have to do... is just show up. ❤️
ps. If you’ve been feeling under-the-weather too, check out my latest blog post for yoga poses to help relieve congestion (link in my bio!) 🤗 🎵 - make them wheels roll by safia
* video is sped up x3

Don’t allow what’s not going right,
to distract you from what is. 💙
~ lalah delia
(NEW Post on the Blog 🎉)
The results from yesterday’s story poll are in, & over 90% of you asked me to share some yoga postures to help relieve sinus congestion & other side effects of having a cold... 🤧
My newest blog post - which just went live a few minutes ago - does exactly that! 🧘🏻‍♀️
See which 5 yoga poses can help alleviate airway blockage and other symptoms of sinusitis! 🙌🏼
* Spoiler alert 🙊 - one of the poses listed is the one I’m doing in this pic!
Link to the post is in my bio! Let me know if you give this mini-sequence a try, and if you’d like me to share more postures to practice this winter season! ☃️
ps. Check my story to get the recipe for my favorite Chunky Vegetable Soup! I make a big batch of it as soon as I feel a cold coming on, and it always helps me feel better! 🍲😋

Casually crossing the street in Times Square.. not being extra at all... 🤣🚕
Ok, ok, so I’m actually shooting something exciting, which I can’t wait to share with you guys very soon,
** BUT for now **
here’s a little sneak peak 😉
AND btw, I’m still tryout to figure out just how NYC was this empty & quiet - you can even hear @johnfcooperphotography snapping all the pics on his camera if you listen closely... & I think it sounds like someone is whistling nearby too! 🎶
Can you hear it, or am I crazy?!? (ok never mind, don’t answer that 😹)
ps. Check my story if you wanna see the whole setup I had to film this little clip on my phone... it’s pretty funny! 🙈

Friendship is so bizarre. You just pick a human you've met and you're like, 'Yep, I like this one,' and you just do stuff with them. 💙
Haha, no one else I’d rather freeze my butt off for than you, @robinmartinyoga
Who are your humans? Tag them below!
pc: @nathanrosephotography
* shape inspired by the lovely @sarah_polefitdubai & @michelle_polefitdubai

It's not what you look at that
matters, it's what you see.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Believe it or not, I was reminded of this very thing at yoga class last night, & it was right before the class had even started!
I had just walked into the studio & unrolled my mat when I noticed the woman next to me doing a little pre-class warm-up on her own. She did a few hamstring stretches & then slid right into the deepest forward fold I’d ever seen in my life - the crown of her head grazed the tops of her feet!
And for the briefest moment, I had this thought flash through my mind:
‘Riva, you’ve been practicing for so many years now, & you’ve never even come close to getting the top of your head near your feet! Maybe you need to practice more!’
Now it’s been a long time since I’ve had such a thought, & so I quickly reminded myself that comparison really serves no purpose - on or off the mat - and that wherever I am in my practice right now is perfect for me. 🙌🏼
And just then, the woman stood upright, & I noticed something else. Her skeletal proportions were so very different from my own - the length of her torso was almost equal to the length of her legs.
And I realized then that I will NEVER, EVER, in this lifetime, be able to achieve such a variation of forward fold. It would be physically impossible for me, regardless of how much I practice or how hard. I’d need to change my entire bone structure to even come close! 🤷🏻‍♀️
BUT that’s ok, because there is still so much I CAN do! And THAT is really what this practice is all about - reminding us how very much we can do, each in our own distinct way. 🦋
And so I thought to myself “well that was a beautiful forward fold, and now I’m ready to appreciate how wonderful it feels to do one of my own.”
And just like that class began. 💙

Don’t stress the little things… the universe has your back.💙🌴☀️
Working on those tan lines at @thebodyholiday 🤣

Flowing through a few favorites after a juicy warm-up in the Hatha yoga class here at @thebodyholiday 💙
I’m still working on the right words to best describe my experience here in St Lucia, but for now here’s what I can say - it has surpassed every expectation I had going in... not simply because of the 40+ activities & fitness classes to choose from each day, or the daily inclusive spa treatments, or even the luxurious-but-still-relaxed vibe of the resort. But because of the people who call this place home, who treat each of us like family, and make us feel like they’ve been waiting for us to arrive all along. 💙
ps. because I know you’re going to ask, my outfit is from @beachriot & music playing is ‘syria’ by unders.
* flow sped up x3

Sometimes letting go is more powerful than holding on with all our might. 💙
Making shapes and doing all the healing things here at @thebodyholiday ...
And wishing you all the most wonderful weekend! 😘
#BodyHoliday #StLucia

This morning, in my happy place, making shapes in the St Lucian sun ☀️
I’ll be spending the next few days here at @thebodyholiday doing something that I often talk about but probably don’t do quite enough.
Life can get noisy sometimes and it becomes too easy to forget about the basics. So this week I’ll be taking a little time to step back & check in with myself.
To meditate more and clear my mind, to take care of my body with nutritious foods and massage therapy. And to nourish my soul with some much needed self love.
Because sometimes we forget that if we don’t take time to care for ourselves, we won’t have the ability to care for anyone else.
So if you’re reading this now, I hope you’re reminded to do the very same. 💜
#BodyHoliday #selfcare #SaintLucia

Monday morning commute... ❤️
#yogistyle #concretejungle
Back in school, & when I worked in corporate, I would sometimes get the Monday morning blues. Have you ever felt like everything requires a little extra effort as soon as the weekend is over?
Here are a few ways to help brighten up your (Mon)day:
🔹 Wake up 10 minutes earlier so that your morning is a little less rushed & a little more relaxed. This helps to set the tone for the rest of your day.
🔹 Don’t skip breakfast. 🥣 Start your day with something nutritious.
🔹 Treat yourself to a little something special (anything from extra whip cream in your drink, to those earrings you’ve been eyeing.)
🔹 Make plans to meet a friend.
🔹 Break your day up with some fresh air (even if it’s just a short stroll around the block.)
🔹 Do something nice for someone else (maybe even a stranger), & ask them to pay it forward. There’s no better feeling than knowing you set the wheels in motion for numerous acts of kindness. ❤️
Tell me below, what are some of your favorite ways to brighten up your day?
pc: @johnfcooperphotography

The sunset is proof,
that endings can sometimes
be beautiful, too.
~ @beautaplin
Wrapping up the holiday weekend and saying goodbye to Florida the best way I know how.. watching the sun set in these cotton candy skies by the light of the full moon.
Looking forward to spending the next couple of days at home before heading off on a little adventure. 💜

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