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'Girls like her were born in a storm. They have lightning in their souls. Thunder in their hearts. And chaos in their bones.'
~Nikita Gill
Loving this photo from my powder shoot with the amazing @phlearn... definitely the messiest shoot I've ever had, but also one of the most fun. ❤

You can wish for it, or you can work for it... #mondaymood
Happy Monday, loves! Hoping your week is off to a great start. 😍
Loving this super pretty outfit - it's a sneak peak from an upcoming collection by @miraraeactive
📷 @johnfcooperphotography

Spring, I'm ready for you 🥝🍍🍥🍓
In breakfast heaven with this acai bowl of yumminess... I've had a few people ask how I get the consistency of the smoothie just right. What works best for me is starting out with one packet of unsweetened organic acai purée (I found these at Trader Joe's , in the freezer section). I add some extra fruit and almond milk, and blend it all together. 😍
This heart-shaped bowl of deliciousness has acai berries, pineapple, raspberries and almond milk in the smoothie, and fresh dragon fruit, mango, kiwi, raspberries, blackberries, and coconut flakes sprinkled on top. 💖

'What we see
depends mainly on
what we look for.'
~John Lubbock

'This world is not made of shades of grey. It is made of colours like azure and coral and emerald and marigold.
But it insists on painting everything in black and white and fitting it into boxes that it understands.
Do not do that to yourself. Paint your personality a million different colours. Leave them scratching their heads, unsure of how to handle the magic that you are. '
~ Nikita Gill ✨💜✨
📷 @nathanrosephotography

To this cutie who's always ready to play,
happy to cuddle or sneak in a kiss,
right side up or upside down,
thank you for being a part of our family,
and for loving us as much as we love you... 🐶
#nationalpuppyday #yogawithwinnie #rescuedog

Stretching always feels extra amazing after a good workout. 💙
This morning I went to my first SLT class (popular here on the east coast,) have you guys ever tried it? It's like Pilates meets strength training (pic is up on my insta-story). I felt so toned and warmed up afterwards, but still was missing that stretching sensation, so I did a short yoga practice, and then finished up with this wall flow. 💙
Do you guys want to see my go-to wall stretches? I'm thinking about posting a short tutorial. Comment below if this is something that sounds interesting to you! 😍

There's no place like home... 💙
Always feels so good to be back ... and today was just beautiful, it felt like spring in the city. ☀️
#homesweethome #springisintheair

Stunning staircases and sparkling light fixtures... #theseareafewofmyfavoritethings
Love finding pretty places to stretch and there was no shortage of them at @hotelwilliamgray

Heart wide open over beautiful Montreal. 💙
Having fun exploring this delightful city, we strolled through the Atwater Market where I tried frozen maple taffy for the first time (so epic and delicious!) ... and enjoyed this view of the snow-covered landscape from the top of one of the tallest buildings in Montreal. Loving all the pretty nooks and crannies we keep discovering throughout town. 😍
As always, more pics & videos on my IG stories :)

Sunset stretches over Montreal from our hotel terrace at @hotelwilliamgray... couldn't have found a more charming place to spend a weekend with my love. ❤ 🍁☀️

Lines and curves 💙
Ciao for now NYC... currently en route to Montreal for the next few days, and super excited to spend the weekend in the romantic old city. 😍
Canadian friends - where are some of your favorite places to eat and visit? 🇨🇦
📷 @johnfcooperphotography

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