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Currently pinching myself, because this feels like a dream... 💙
We left the bustling streets of Rome and made our way to a beautiful natural hot springs in Tuscany... the drive wasn’t too far, but as soon as we entered the countryside, it felt like we’d been transported to another world. 🌳
I’ll always love the excitement & energy of the city, but there’s something very special about leaving it all behind to be completely surrounded by nature... the water forever feels like home. 🌊
Where do you prefer to spend most of your time - in nature or in the city? Tell me below.
#tuscany #hotsprings #naturelove
ps. these hot springs got pretty crowded not much after we arrived. Check my story to see what it looked like right before we left.

There's no place like Rome... 🇮🇹
And there’s nothing like a last minute trip to Italy - which, I can assure you, was just as surprising to me as it was to anyone! 🙈
If you saw my story the other day, you may already know that my hubby & I had some very last minute changes to our existing travel plans. We were supposed to be flying into France (for a countryside road trip to celebrate his b-day 🎂), but our outbound flight had been completely overbooked! Our airline was desperately looking for volunteers to change flights (all just hours before we were supposed to leave), but the only tickets they had available were to Rome, & leaving from a different airport.
We decided to go for it on a whim because, well, the whole idea of a last-minute trip to Italy just seemed so exciting 😹
So here we are, just Rome-ing around this incredible city 🙊, looking at all the historic, beautiful sights, and of course indulging in the most delicious pizza and pasta ever! 🍝 😋🍕
Tell me - would you ever change your vacation plans last minute, or are we just crazy?? 🤪
#rome #roam #italytrip
ps. If you look closely you can see the moon right above the Colosseum 🌙

Surgeon General’s Warning:
Climbing palm trees has been found to cause higher levels of health and joy than climbing corporate or social ladders, in 100% of all humans.
#youhearditherefirst #goclimbatree
ps. Jamaica post now up on the blog 🇯🇲
(link in bio)
pc: @sfreneenyc

Don’t forget to
take time for yourself.
Be alone,
Get inside your mind,
Figure things out,
Feeling recharged after taking the last few days off from social media. No posting, no taking photos, just being present and connecting in real-life. 💗
The time off also gave me a chance to think about how and what I share here. Made me wonder if you guys are interested in seeing a little bit more than just yoga here in the squares on my page.
Let me know by commenting below 😊
For now, I’m happy to be back, and excited for a little adventure that’s just around the corner! 😍
pc: @ljbnyc1

Transitions. Wobbles. Real time. Deep breaths... ❤️
#allthegoodstuff #fridaymood
🎵 ‘love is a b*tch’ by two feet

How would you describe yourself - in one sentence or less - if you couldn’t use the following adjectives:
- your job title, or
- your family role (‘mother’, ‘daughter’, etc)
I think mine would read something like this: passionate & creative soul that loves to travel, spend quality time with loved ones, and consumes a LOT of mango... 😂❤️👭
ps. Zoom in to see which iconic building I’m framing 🌇

I did NOT wake up like dis, part 1 😂
Just in case you had any questions about it before, I hope this settles any doubt in your mind... most of us don’t roll out of bed being able to do these deep poses.
On the left is what my forward fold looks like near the start of my practice... basically I’m just hanging out in a gentle rag-doll before I even make it to my first full Uttansasna. 😊
The deep bend on the right doesn’t happen until well after I’m warmed up (and that variation wasn’t even accessible to me until after many years of a consistent practice). 🙏🏼
I know how easy it is to scroll through your newsfeed and just get completely caught up.. (it happens to us all!). So consider this a friendly reminder: don’t compare your ‘normal’ with someone else’s ‘highlight’. ❤️
We ALL have to put in the work to get to where we are. 🙌🏼
#keepingitreal #didnotwakeuplikethis
Ps. If you want to see some of the poses that have helped me deepen my Uttanasana, scroll through this hashtag to find my video tutorial: #yogawithriva

I may not know the key
to success, but I do know
the key to failure is trying
to please everyone.
pc: @sfreneenyc

Happy Sunday & Happy Mother’s Day!! 🌸🌼🌺
I know it’s hard to tell, since I don’t share photos of them on my page, but I am a mom to 3 beautiful (non-furry) kids 😂.
I have a daughter and twin sons, and they are the brightest lights of my life.
Being a mom is definitely the most challenging job I’ve ever had (& I’ve had more than a few, lol), but it’s also turned into the most incredible and rewarding... I wouldn’t trade it for anything else in the world. ❤️
Sending love to all the mamas out there - and wishing everyone a beautiful day!
ps. Of course I’m also a mom to this four-legged cutie, Winnie, who we rescued almost 4 years ago. 🐶
Here’s is a little throwback to one of the first times she eve photo-bombed me (I had no idea she was even there until I looked through the pics on my camera later)! 🙈

A beautiful life
will blossom
from a mind that is
by beautiful thoughts. 🌸
So happy to have made it back to NY just in time to catch the last of the cherry blossoms... when I left they had just started to bud. 🌱
Wishing you all a beautiful weekend! 🌸
pc: @ljbnyc1

Fun fact: there’s about 8-inches between our heights, so @tditty2 and I usually have to get a little creative with our poses & our placement... otherwise if we take a photo like this one, I end up looking like the ‘Riva the Jolly Green Giant’... 😂🌵🙈
Which variation do you prefer? (swipe left)
pc: @martyhackl

Instagram vs reality (swipe left)... 😂
A little glimpse into what sometimes happens the very first time @tditty2 and I try out a new partner pose 🙈
In this case, Tova jumped into the pose with so much energy that it propelled me forward.. 🤣 and then I did the wrong leg variation to boot. #oops
A lot of the time we’ll look back at these videos to see what we need to do differently for the next try, and sometimes we even get it right after that. 🙌🏼
But honestly all the falls & fails usually turn out to be the most memorable moments - and for sure the most fun - especially when we both end up on the floor just laughing our hearts out. ❤️
#KeepingItReal #SisterYoga

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