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MARIA RITA PENTEADO 🇧🇷  IFBB PRO LEAGUE FIGURE ATHLETE 💪 Personal Trainer in NY 🗽 Bachelor in Physical Education Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology 🏋 #Blessed

Most people want to avoid pain, and discipline is usually painful.

A maioria das pessoas buscam evitar a dor, e a disciplina é geralmente dolorosa.💪

Clarify your mind.
Purify your heart.
Sanctify your life.
This is the quickest way to a change of your world.

If you can change yourself, you will find that no other change is needed. To change the picture you merely change the film, you do not attack the cinema screen!
#Maharaj #ayahuasca #meditation #Nature #shamanism #plantmedicine
Clareie sua mente.
Purifique seu coração.
Santifique sua vida.
Esses são os caminhos mais simples para mudar seu mundo.
Se você conseguir mudar a si mesmo, nenhuma outra mudança é necessária.
Para mudar a cena, você simplesmente muda o filme....você não ataca a tela do cinema!
#nisargadattamaharaj #xamanismo #ancestral

Comparing yourself to others is limiting yourself to their limitations.

#shutupandtrain #mariaritapenteado
#embraceyourself #knowyourpower #dothework
Comparar-se aos outros é limitar-se aos limites alheios.
- Rita
#amese #calaabocaetreina
📸 by the awesome Reg Bradford

Make it a #LegDay 💪
Using unilateral exercises today.
It's always good to work unilaterally, so you can correct imbalances and make sure both sides are evenly strong.
Bora fazer perninhas 💪
Trabalhando com exercicios unilaterais hoje.
É sempre bom utilizá-los, pois assim corrigimos possiveis assimetrias e garantimos que ambos os lados estao trabalhando na mesma intensidade.

What type of Mystic mood are you in today?
I'm somewhere between 2 and 3 🤷‍♀️
Btw those pics were all taken on an interval of...10 seconds? #moodyAF .
Qual Mystic representa seu #humordodia ?
Estou entre o 2 e 3 😅
#mood #moodoftheday #todaysmood #mysticthechin #dogsofig #humor #merepresenta #whichoneareyou #chooseone #picoftheday #photooftheday #model #bompracachorro #instadog #iloveyou

Ahhh the #NYPRO is always an amazing show!
This 2018 #shape was my very favorite look since I started competing in 2009.
Thanks to Kim Oddo @kimbooddo for guiding me on my Figure debut. That was the best I've ever looked.
Good memories and, most importantly, great learnings on discipline, focus and commitment to goals. 👊 Those are the biggest awards we get during a prep, and we can use them to achieve basically anything we want in the game of Life.
Have a good plan. Commit to it. See the results 💪
#RepostSave @astrongspirit ・・・ Rita looking like a SUPER BAAADDD ASS on that stage earlier this year at the 2018 NY Pro. She won 10 overall titles as an amateur in bodybuilding and Womens Physique and was the 2017 NY Pro runner up in WPD to the current Ms. Olympia but THIS right here when she competed in Figure was her best look ever IMO. I doubt she will compete again but if she did I think she could cause A LOT of problems in the IFBB Figure division. Having said that I'm very proud of all she has accomplished and respect her decision to call it a career.
#IFBB #WomensFigure #WomensPhysique #WomensBodybuilding #NPC #FemaleMuscle #IFBBProLeague

The best body is the one that has a happy soul living in it. 🌟
The best body is the one that is in balance. That is nourished with nutritious foods in the right amounts, at the right times. 🥦
It's the body that has energy to do its daily tasks without struggle. 🤸‍♀️
It's the one where the hormones are where they should be in order for the body to function properly naturally. 🤹‍♀️
The best body is the one that allows you to experience life healthy and happily, while FEELING amazing. 🧘‍♀️
You dont need to live FOR you body. Your body should be treated so well it will long live FOR you.
For you to feel good.
To feel like yourself.
To have energy and enjoy life in a light and peaceful way.
That's what #fitness is (or at least should be) about.
This is why I decided, 16 years ago, to become a personal trainer: to help others (and myself) to become #FitForLife 💪❤
Be fit for life. The nice shape of your body will come as a bonus when you take care of your health nice and consciously. Health starts within. You can look incredible, but if inside (mentally or physiologically) you are unbalanced, the external wont last long either.
#fitforlife is the path to lasting happiness.
#personaltraining #onlinetraining #mariaritapenteado . 📸 by the talented Kabir @kabirbrah at the #bestgym #bevsgym
For info about online diet/training programs email me at ritashantidmt@gmail.com
Corpo bonito é aquele que tem uma alma saudável vivendo nele.
O melhor corpo é aquele que está em equilíbrio. É aquele que recebe comidas nutritivas nas horas certas, nas quantidades certas.
É o corpo que tem energia para fazer suas atividades diárias sem sofrimento.
É aquele onde os hormônios estão onde deveriam estar, fazendo suas funções de modo apropriado, naturalmente.
O melhor corpo é aquele que te permite aproveitar a vida de modo feliz e saudável, sentindo-se bem.
Você não precisa viver PARA seu corpo. É seu corpo que precisa ser tratado bem para viver bastante tempo para que você aproveite a vida alegre e equilibrado.
Isso sim é a base do #Fitness (ou pelo menos deveria ser).
É por esta filosofia que decidi, há 16 anos, tornar-me uma personal trainer.
Saúde vem de dentro.

Congrats Reggie @black_413_hercules and coach Justin @astrongspirit on a great outcome yesterday at the NPC Eastern USA! 🏆🏆🏆
That was Reggies first show and he took 1st place in Juniors, 2nd place in Novice and 3rd place in open!
Parabens para meu colega de time Reggie @black_413_hercules e treinador Justin @astrongspirit no campeonato de ontem, o NPC Eastern USA, maior show regional antes do Nationals 💪
Essa foi a primeira competicao do Reggie e ele pegou primeiro lugar no Juniors (ate 23 anos), segundo lugar no Novice e terceiro lugar no Open numa categoria super competitiva!
Tem futuro no esporte!🏆🏆🏆
#npceasternusa #bodybuilding #bevsgym #classicphysique #champion #shutupandtrain

What day is today?
Its #legday madafakaaa 😆😆
I can use some motivation with this pic from summer when (I thought) my legs were fat 😑 #wtfwasithinking lol
#shutupandtrain #beyourownmotivation 👊
Que dia é hoje?
Dia de #perninhas feladapohtaaaa 😆😆
Entao bora usar a própria foto como #motivação para lembrar das #pernas em Junho, quando achei que eles estavam gordas 🤔 #sabedenadainocente 😂

"Excuse me, ma'am, how many sets of selfies do u have left? I want to use this mirror." 😨
#modernfitness #ladiesroom #shutupandtrain #beatch #bathroomfitnessmodel .
On a side note, I'm kinda excited about my little #vegetarianmuscles 💪
. .
"Com licença, senhora, quantas séries de selfie faltam para você? Eu quero usar esse espelho."
#calaabocaetreina #modelodeinstagram #vaitreinar #gymselfie #selfie

#Calves done at home with the assistant Alice @mysticandalice
How often do you train your calves?
#shutupandtrain .
#panturra feita em casa com minha assistente Alice @mysticandalice 💪
Com qual frequencia você treina #panturrilha ?
Desenvolvimento da Panturrilha é bastante baseado na genetica de cada um... tem gente com panturrilhas excelentes que nunca nem as treinou... e outros que se matam e msm assim oz resultados demoram.
Eu sugiro treiná-las 2-3x/semana, com carga consideravelmente pesada repeticoes variadas (15-40) e com curtos intervalos. Os movimentos devem ser controlados e voce tem de "esmagar" bem o musculo, nao apenas fazer as repetições por fazer.

This day was awesome!
#RepostSave @astrongspirit with @repostsaveapp ・・・ #ThrowbackThursday to the 2017 NY Pro.
Rita @ritashantidmt made a comeback to the stage after a 4 year absence after walking away from the stage in her late 20s in 2013. She ended up taking the runner up spot to now Ms. Olympia Shanique Grant @therealfitnessbeauty
Shanique was already qualified for the Olympia with a win a few months earlier and she was the defending NY Pro Champion as well at the time.
We knew going in obviously that Shanique would be a big challenge but we thought why not go right against the best? At least then you'll know right away where you stand.
So Rita went in after 4 years away and put up a good fight finishing 2nd to Shanique who is still not only unbeaten in Women's Physique but also now the reigning Olympia Champ.
I think if Rita still had the desire to compete in WPD she could give anyone in the sport a run for their money. We will likely never see that however as Rita's goal have changed. She is now focused on other things in life and if she does ever compete again it would likely be in the Womens Figure division as that better suits her physique and fitness goals now anyway.
But on this day in May of 2017 I couldnt have been more proud of her...as I am everyday.
Rita is a special person and is most certainly
my better half.
#IFBBProLeague #WomensPhysique #WomensFigure #BevsGym #NewYorkPro #EastCoastMecca #Memories
#RepostSave @astrongspirit with @repostsaveapp ・・・ Comparison photos of the top 2 in Women's Physique at NY Pro. Winner Shanique Grant @therealfitnessbeauty and Runner up Maria Rita Penteado @ritashantidmt

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