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لتكن مشيئتك 📿  Snapchat : rita.abdou9 AJ❤🗝

School for 12 years , college for 4 years.. then you work until you die . Great ! #gohavefun #liveyourlife #forgettheworld 🏝⛵❤

If fishing is a sport .. im an athlete 🐟⛵🎣☀️

To some , its just water
To me its where i regain my sanity 🏝⚓ #fishing🐟 #angermanagement ⛵🎣

Im just a beachy kinda girl 😂😎😋 #oceanholic🌊 🏝⚓☀️

Go where you feel the most alive 🏝 #myescape #summeraintoveryet☀️🌊 😙

Sometimes i wish i were a nicer person , but then i laugh and continue my day 😏 #iamawitch #fearme 😎🐱🕸

Darling please , you are so fake even china denied they made you 🐘 #gofindyourownself #lackofconfidence ❤❤

Have i mentioned today how lucky i am to be in love with you ? #holdinghands #neverletgo ❤❤❤

I love my six-pack so much i protect it with a layer of fat 😂🤗 #nevermind #stillnailedittho ❤💣

Of course im an organ donor , i mean who wouldnt want a piece of this ?⤴️👸🎨

Okeyyy summer slow down pleasee🤠🚦🏜 #runningfast #easyoncheese 😂😅😥

Be a pineapple : stand tall , wear a crown and be sweet from the inside 🍍🍍👑👩‍🌾 #fruitfulday #matchymatch 🤗

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