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  Love RE

Looking forward to 我们的家园!! 😍 #ruien

I really admire her for apologizing-not because she thought she was rude but really it was just out of courtesy. And that epic laughter she faked just shows how much she wants to be so completely real to the public and be accepted just as she is. And finally, your 10th award. No more games, just pure, quality and solid acting. Love ya 😘 #ruien

Quite sad that she didnt win but oh well!! #ruien 😍


#ruien 's imaging for her new show! So looking forward. Get well soon btw!! Credit: @ruien1981_fiona

Why so cute hahahhaa! #ruien credit:@thedesmondtan so sweet #ruimond

Personally hoped that #ruien would have more scenes in #clif3 hehe but sadly nope. At least there's #8att to look forward to 😍

Denim on #ruien 👍👍 credit: @rbkd catch the last ep of #clif3 tmr!

Pic credit: Xinmsn & @ruienistheone_ Views below are based on my preference!! My top 5 fav roles of #ruien
1. Hu Xiaoman in Unriddle 2
2. Fang Tong Lin in The Dream Makers
3. Cheng Chu Ning in Sudden
4. Ye Si Qi in With You
5. Zhang Ya Le in A Tale of Two Cities
Can't wait to rewatch these shows after exams!
What's yours ^^

Hahaha Huang Zhi Jie giving a stern warning to those who never watch #clif3 go watch la very nice #clif3meme

Not funny hor zomg HAHHAA. #clif3 #clif3meme #mystorysg

First time see someone so happy depsite not winning best actress 😛😍 and it's pure joy hehe #ruien credit: @ruienofficial

Hahhaa omg faints* too sweet le bah??? #ruien credit: jocelinnn_ @ twitter

看了这张照片我好感动。世上会有多少人会真正地为你高兴喝彩呢? 真心朋友好难找啊好高兴她们找到了彼此 。还记得她们是怎么认识的吗? 恩本来是该和惠玉姐演最火搭档的, 但最候换成莉萍姐因为惠玉姐有孕, 她们才会相遇。你说奇不奇妙? 好开心好开心她们都认识了上帝 。希望她们的友情能持续一辈子。珍惜眼前人! Random but ya just my thoughts. #ruien

Seriously hoping they will be good friends ;) #ruien

Have a blessed Monday :) #ruien credit: @shirleylhm

Woah she changed to a white gown!! Pretty :)

@_im26c4u I kope again hehehe! Congrats to #ruien 's bff @aiyoyochenliping for winning best actress you really deserve it!! :) God is good!

Awww hahaha. @_im26c4u you always have high quality pix man!! #ruien

#ruien is feeling blessed tonight hahhaa! Thanks @samonggg @calvingan26 and @rongg , she's gorgeous tonight! :)

Love her hair sooooo much :) #ruien credit: @instahairloom

Red is nice!! :) #ruien

She looks tired but jiayou! #ruien wearing her bff's specs HAHHAA

Anyone saw this? Hahaha quite funny right! Last day to vote for #ruien let's do it! :)

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