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Not everyone will appreciate or understand your intentions. No matter how pure, innocent or good natured they really are. But that is just because they do not really know your heart. So, friends, despite how anyone else may judge your actions. I urge you to keep your integrity; be compassionate and loving. Because the world truly, desperately, absolutely needs it! heck; I cannot even imagine how my life could have turned out. If it were not for the saving grace and favor of outside help!

#FamilyOverEverything #LoveTheOnesYourewith

Missing one-third of our trio. @jcrizzy 😥#ProudMamasBoy

Perspective. 💯#FamilyOverEverything

*Gotta figure it out!! You gotta break it down into smaller tasks, people!! That is how you accomplish {the BIG} things!!* ...but then again, what do I know?? #practicalstrength

Moving the needle mark of possibility if just one inch at a time. To overcome weakness, inability, pain, sorrow and doubt. And hopefully also inspire others who can relate to my struggle. All while living out my fantasy of becoming BATMAN! Thank you friends for helping me push others to dream BIG! Outlast expectations, defy circumstances and LIVE again! #flagfriday

Handstand tour: Day 3, Home edition.🙃 #RockStarLifeStyle💯shout out @amputeeswholift for daring me to add a few presses into my routine!! (Sort of)

In the very face of every sudden adversity that can turn your world upside down. And burn, destroy or sabotage all of the things you have worked so hard to build. How do you ultimately regain your equilibrium, stability or balance to get back up? What sort of tricks, tools or techniques have you used to continue living again? Although I am no expert, teacher or coach who knows absolutely everything in life.
I have been receptive to, picked up on and learned from personal experiences. Encountering, analyzing and repurposing all the pain, sorrow or frustration to good. Into something tangible; that I can learn from, grow with and move on better made. realizing my setbacks do not define who I am as a person or where my life is going. And, despite the seemingly endless struggle or difficulties that have taken me down. CHOOSING to get right back up no matter the million other times I fall, fail or fumble. Not to mention the attitude of gratitude my mother instilled in me from a young age. Determination, gratitude and patience, THOSE have been the motivating factors for me. That nothing at all in this short life, temporary seasons or great big world is for certain. if I can be patient, determined and grateful for the good, bad or down right ugly times. Eventually, just as the many joyous moments in my young life have eventually played out. I am just a regular guy living life, performing acrobat movements in the gym each day. that is just me, a 2 feet 7 inch 85 pound paraplegic, amputee; what do I know?

Handstand tour: Day 2, Home edition.🙃 #RockStarLifeStyle

NOT complaining about canceling photoshoot today. NOT complaining about postponing my handstand tour. NOT complaining about having to stay home. NOT complaining about skipping out on family outings. NOT complaining about being sick all the time. NOT complaining about the constant pain I feel. NOT complaining about the regret, anxiety, fear. NOT complaining about taking it easy, today. NOT complaining about when setbacks happen. NOT complaining about why adversity strikes. NOT complaining about what other people think. NOT complaining about facing the dirty looks. NOT complaining about the mean comments. NOT complaining about the harsh judgments. NOT complaining about stigmas or stereotypes. NOT complaining about the heartless belittling. NOT complaining about difficult healing process. NOT complaining about the struggles before me. NOT complaining about the hardships I face. NOT complaining about how unfair the world is. NOT complaining about why others live better. NOT complaining about how they have it good. NOT complaining about not standing or walking. NOT complaining about not running or skipping. NOT complaining about being deprived in life. NOT complaining about how frustrating it seems. NOT complaining about all of the times I failed. NOT complaining about every time I have fallen. NOT complaining about each of my 55 surgeries. NOT complaining about any of my health crisis'. NOT complaining about every other doctor visit. NOT complaining about how sabotaging it is. NOT complaining about being trapped in illness. NOT complaining about these tubes stuck in me. NOT complaining about how they cut my skin. NOT complaining about how it hurts to breathe. NOT complaining about pathetic I often feel. NOT complaining about having to start over. COMPLAINING?? Who, me?! What is it?? Why do that?? Not me. Nope. NEVER!! Why complain? Especially when you're THIS gosh darn handsome!! 😎

Because I'm easy come easy go; Little high, little low: Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to me, to me!🙃 #EscapeFromReality

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