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R Ï S E P E A C O C K  Full Self ⚫️ | Artist🎨 | Educator 🤓| Radical Femme Politics 🌈 | 😻 Sylvia | WNY 🙌🏼 | #risepeacockstudio | #wnycreatives | @staymoodystoodio

👅💦 my lawdy lawd! Top me off with some helvac and I'm set 💦👅 #mamaneedsanewpairofshoes #docmartens #docmartenskendra

MY GIRL @clairethibodeauceramics IS GETTING FREAKING MARRIED! ⚫ Never in one million years did I ever think that anyone would be worthy of calling my bestfriend THEIR best friend! But I have to say, I completely approve of Matt! He supports Claire through thick and thin ad even followed her accross the country so that SHE could pursue her goals at the Sanoma Artist Residency. ⚫ I cannot express how elated I am! Happy and PROUD to call you, "brother" Matt! ⚫ Claire, as always it all falls into place and my heart is full of joy for you! ⚫ Congratulations to two of the very best and inspiring individuals I know! Your love is radical! ⚫ Cannot wait to celebrate with you! #clairesgettinghitched

👄✨💅 DON'T LET YA GURRLS DOWN ✨💅✨👄 #pussyriot #guerrillagirls

My Art History students received their first Visual Analysis assignment yesterday! ⚫ I made them a zine detailing the process and outlining the details for them! ⚫ We watched MIA and Childish Gambino music videos for VR practice and talked about how zines are rooted in queer, feminist, and punk rock culture. It was a great day! ⚫ For the record, THEY have dubbed me "Prof Pea" because they thought it was cheeky! ☺ #arthistory #contemporaryart #visualanalysis #artwriting #queerculture #feminism

Five minute sketch done at Alex's on paper that the bar tender gave me after a sudden idea burst. I can tape this into my sketchbook later. ⚫ @josh.johnson.glassandcraft @lukebronnglass @xxmissmermaidxx @lj52018 @cstasio.art @bellaglassarella @mikey_alfredu @momento_mori_glass @glass.mackenzie#noexcuses #enjoyyourlifeANDdraw #reallifeiswheretheideashappen

STUNNING MATERIAL STUDY BY INTRO STUDENT @josh.johnson.glassandcraft ⚫ He accomplished this by mixing foam, acetone, and glass. He had informed me that he was inspired by prison shanks. @alfredsculpture #alfredglass #alfredsculpture #glassofig #glasaage #contemporarypainting

🍋 I grind 'til I own it. 🍋 A non-annealed glass project I did in under twenty minutes. #glassofig #contemporaryglass #alfredsculpture #glassonglass #Beyonce #SLAY

creative research. ⚫ love the lighting at BD. #wny #bikerboots

Rainy and sunny at the same time. @cdlcowher@kelleykn01 @darrincowher @bellakai13 @kelleybrook7 @kerry_wiskemann#nofilter #thankscrit *someone tag catie sue, her insta wasn't popping up for me*

queerest kid on the block. it's cool that I still wear socks like that right? #queerkids

☺✨ Feeling grateful for this weekend and the opportunity to get my own creative research done! #materialfeminism #flmaterialfeminisms

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