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So.....our credit card processor decided today that they would cancel our account without notice. Unfortunately our website is hosted through Squarespace who only allows you to use two processors for credit cards one of these being PayPal which is not to 2A friendly as we all know, the other being Stripe who just told us that they are canceling our account because we sell firearms and ammunition 🤦🏻‍♂️....which we obviously don’t. So now we’ll need to move our website and find a new processor. Until we get this resolved we will not be able to accept any orders and they’re stating they’re going to put a freeze on the funds that haven’t been transferred for 90 days which is currently over 2K.
This will not affect orders being processed that have already been placed so no need to contact us if you’ve placed an order, it’s business as usual for those that are in our queue.
Thanks everyone for your patience while we work through this.

@agencyarms has been so gracious to us. From working with us on the collaboration frames to giving us the green light to incorporate their patented Accelerator Cuts into our available options for our customers. We always strive for excellence in all that we do here at Risen Gunworks and we understand the importance of maintaining relationships. This is why we wanted to make sure that we nailed the execution of the Accelerator Cut to ensure we represent Agency Arms at the highest level. Here is a comparison of a milled frame by Agency on the bottom and a partially finished frame on the top that we did. Note that the cuts are virtually identical.
Some are probably wondering....what’s your point?...that’s not that hard to do haha. You’re right....this wasn’t difficult to duplicate from an execution standpoint. However, my point is....be excellent in all that you put your hands to and all that you represent. Don’t let other people drag you down or circumstance make you compromise your integrity....it’s not worth it!
Not sure why it felt like making this longer than usual post, but hopefully it helped someone! Hope everyone has a wonderful week and you’re having a great Monday!!! #loveyourmondays #integrity #blazeyourowntrail #risengunworks #agencyarms

Who’s ready for another run!?😎🤘🏻🇺🇸 Sign up for our newsletter and turn on post notifications for the announcement of the date the pre-order will go live. #risengunworks #agencyarms #collaboration

A few frames headed out the door today.....they paused for a photo op atop this @slabtown_target_co Texas target. 🤘🏻#Texas #risengunworks #glock

Hey guys if you’d like to donate to @k9sforwarriors but don’t need beard products, there is now a way to donate to the cause while. Go check @nextlevelbeard and this video will explain how to place your donation
explain#Repost @bulletsandbeards with @get_repost
Repost @nextlevelbeard
After a number of requests from my beardless brothers and sisters @risengunworks and I have decided to give you all another way to participate in what we have going on. If you would like to donate we would greatly appreciate it. This is a great foundation and we are doing all we can to show support. Thank you all!!!
#nlb #risengunworks #k9sforwarriors #veterans #supportourtroops #usa #freedom #2a #wethepeople #beard #beardgang #beardpower #faceshieldoffreedom #merica #freedom #beardlove #beardfamily #donate #greatcause

#Repost @nextlevelbeard with @get_repost
We are happy to announce a new product for a limited run. This product was created in colaboration with @risengunworks to raise money for charity.
This will be a limited run of 50 oils and 50 balms. They can be purchased individually or together.
Once sold out 100% of profits will be going to @k9sforwarriors
Help us help our veterans in need and lets make this happen.
Our goal is to be sold out by March 10th in order to work with a local charity event @trailhoundsmokers and combine to donate thousand of dollars to our veterans.
To order visit www.nextlevelbeard.com
Link in bio!!
Thank You All!!
God Bless!!
#nextlevelbeard #nlb #k9sforwarriors #risen #risengunworks #charity #beard #bearding #beardbalm #beardoil #beardgang #beardstyle #beardlife #usa #beardlove #veterans #armedforces

The new Polymer80 Sub Compact is available for pre-order on our site! These will be shipping sometime in **March or April FYI** It’s also available to order with our frame package combo and you save on the frame package cost when you bundle. Ordering opens up this next week and we’ll be placing our order on Monday. We anticipate that there will be a rush on these so don’t hesitate! #polymer80 #risengunworks #subcompact

MOD-I frame package with RMC 2.0 index cuts....heading back home! #risengunworks #glock19 #iphonex

I wish I had a milling machine....but in the meantime....I must be the mill. #bewatermyfriend #byhand #wishihadamachine

VP9 frame package all wrapped up with cerakote by the Jedi himself @blowndeadline .
@tonydahorse .....she’s headed your way in the morning brother! #vp9 #risengunworks #blowndeadline

We’ve updated our @polymer80inc page to include full size frames and our trigger guard/mag release enhancement options along with G17 slides. Go check it out if you’re in the market for a Polymer80 frame or slide! We also offer a discount on our frame package when you buy your frame from us! Click on the “Ploymer80 Frame+Frame Package” option on the site 😬🇺🇸 #risengunworks #polymer80 #buildityourself #p80 #stippling #stippled #edc #glock19 #glock17

This little fella is done with his day at the spa and ready to head back home to papa! 🤣.....MOD-I w/glove bevel and full tang stippling. #risengunworks #glock26 #9mm #glock #stippling #stippled #edc #2a #secondamendment

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