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RISE DefensiveHandgunTraining  Central Texas firearms training tailored for the beginner, parent, and woman. Rangemaster- and NRA-certified.

I had a(nother) baby! She’s 3 weeks old, so I won’t be teaching for a while because constant #breastfeeding. Until then, I’ll be posting husband things because he inspires and teaches me daily. My hope is that my followers would also learn from him! ....... Challenging drill (Hateful Eight) from @tapracktactical for the drill of the month @bigtexoutdoors. Efficient draw (1.5 seconds) and reloads (2 seconds) are a must to make the par time required. Pressing the trigger back without changing your grip pressure gets the hits where he wants them. #triggercontrol What’s the point of doing drills? They’re a great way to assess your skill level! #daddydoinwork #drillofthemonth #primaryandsecondary

Controlling bleeding left and right at @lonestarmedics Tac Med EDC class yesterday! Great info, practice, and recommendations as usual. Also got to eat lunch while watching videos of sucking chest wounds and arterial bleeding, which was totally normal. #32weekspregnant #tourniquetsfordays

So this happened! And it’s the reason for my media silence since June 🤢😰🤢. In an effort to reduce my own lead exposure as well as my future newborn’s, I’ll only be teaching my in-home Intro to Defensive Handgun class for a while. I have 1 spot open for a Saturday class on November 11th from 10am-1pm!

With McHubs this morning -- Outdoor windy 25-yard #B8 and 3-yard #DotTorture 48/50. 25 yards with the #g19 #fauxlandspecial and Dots with a chopped #g19 and irons. #pewpew #sunscreen #thisdoesnotcountasadate

Three groups of 5 shots at 7 yards with my #ccw, #g19. Run through before the Basics Pistol Instructor Course I just completed with the fine #NRA Training Counselor, John Lacaria of AustinPistol.com 👍Hoping to be teaching #LTC this Fall! One more (36-hour) course to get through. 🔫📝

Also on the cal-- a free workshop created to help you do some holster and outfit trial and error. It's complicated carrying every day when you don't wear the same kind of clothes M-F like a lot of men do. Lemme help you. #stylemeconcealed #pewpew #idontlikeladyholsters #butiwillshowyousome

Next 4 Intro to Defensive Handgun Classes on the cal! 1 spot open on May 28! To sign up for any of these dates, email rachelvangsnes@gmail.com 🤳🏻 #pewpew #learnstuff #knowbetterdobetter

Getting closer to my goal of 90! This is an 88. Cold, 25 yards, indoor range this time. Not super pumped about the low grouping, but I was shooting the #fauxlandspecial a little low all day. Prepping for #NRA Pistol Instructor Qual this weekend. Gonna go with my #g19 with irons for the qual bc those holes went where I wanted them to go. 😬🙃

Defensive Handgun I with @ketomidwife today! Practiced shooting left hand dominant along with her today. She's always pushing me like that-- "don't eat much sugar when you're pregnant" 🙄and "you can give birth without meds" 😬and "shoot left-handed" 😱. #pewpew #midwifelife #getitmama #g26

Cold B8 at 25 yards. Whoops, one made it just off the target onto the cardboard because of a big ol' flinch. My goal this year is 90+. This is an 82. Windy day. #noexcuses #justoneexcusetho #pewpew #getitmama #RMR #fauxlandspecial #g19

Had lots of fun meeting birthy people who want to learn how to shoot well at @centraltexasbirthcenter Live, Love, Share event! #getitmama #pewpew #handgunznhomebirths

Four different holsters (not all good holsters) and four different draw times (these are average times). This doesn't include the times where my grip was awful coming out of the belly band or I flagged my arm coming out of the fanny pack. 😬 Reputable instructors advocate a 1.5-1.7 second draw time (cold) on a flat range.

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