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Just taking it day by day #brickbybrick

This week wasn’t the greatest... lots of fluctuating in weigh ins and that was simply because I didn’t hit macros 100% to a T.

I’m not perfect.. see most people will f*ck up and continue to do so. You had one bad day out of 7 days out of the week.. just get back on it the next day. Don’t make an excuse to continue the bad habits

BULK VS SHRED 💪🏼 I will be the first one to tell you that being shredded year round is just not sustainable. Especially if you’d like to improve your physique

Bulking has its benefits... ✖️ The most obvious benefit is to add muscle mass, since muscle building cannot take place in a caloric deficit. *Eating in a caloric deficit for a long period of time, or doing excessive cardio can begin to eat away at precious muscle mass - doing an occasional bulk, can help to rebuild any lost muscle (bulking does not mean consume everything in sight)

So realistically, which one do you prefer? The “bulky” look or “shredded”?? Comment down below 👇🏼

Top picture: week 1 of dieting
Bottom picture: week 4 of dieting

Can you guys point out the differences?

I’ve decided to take a different to take a different approach this time around, no set dates & no shows in mind. Doing it for the reasons why i started it all

Wanted to keep this diet as transparent as possible. No ones perfect and we all make mistakes but most people you follow will not be transparent and tell you when they do.

Today I checked in with coach @upstateempirefitness upon waking up. 4 weeks down and I cheated once... Now my question to you is, would you guys like me to make a short video on IGTV on how I approach a day after cheating??

The only person stopping you from reaching your goals is yourself. Ive made a promise to myself, I will come back better than ever. Can you guys guess the body fat percentage?? ( full posing routine on IGTV) #tb

If I were to say this was easy, I’d be lying. Developing good eating habits and just taking it day by day. Definitely helps when having the right training partner @jguy_ & coach @upstateempirefitness

See, a lot of the people that you follow for motivation or whatever it may be do not show you when their physiques don’t look “shredded” they’ll show you all of their best photos and even use older, recycled shots. (I’ve done it) so it’s time to chance that.
The truth is we aren’t perfect, we all f*ck up but it takes a lot to admit that.
Just wanted to put things into perspective and keep it as real as possible with you guys.
On the left: taken 2 weeks ago
On the right: as of yesterday morning.
( side by side comparisons of 2 weeks of dieting )
Week by week I’ll show you guys as how my physique changes just by adjusting my diet and implementing some sort of cardio. Thank you again to my coach @upstateempirefitness for always helping me and making sure I get back on track.

#throwbackthursday a few weeks out from my last show in October, 2016. I made a promise to myself and I’ll make sure we get to where we need to be.

Lifestyle x Performance.
@keenclo [ available now ]

Physique update: 179lbs
Picture was taken as of yesterday (post workout)
Just completed the first week of prep & excited how my physique will change in the next few weeks. Ill keep you guys posted weekly as that was the winner on most recent poll💪🏼 @upstateempirefitness

Lifestyle t-shirts will be releasing Monday 6/18. @keenclo
Oh... almost forgot, I’ve decided I will be stepping back on stage. It’s about time eh?
I’ve been holding back for quite sometime now for many reasons but I feel like it’s time to pick things up and kick things into over drive. Day 4 of dieting & 100% committed. No matter what. Let’s do this!!!!! (Physique update coming soon) @upstateempirefitness

6/18. @keenclo


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