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Ripples Learning  To help people play the music that resides within them

Sales and Marketing Certification

Have a passion for sales and marketing?

Back your interest up with the right certification from Ripples Learning.

Our Certified Sales and Marketing Professional (CSMP) program equips you with the knowledge and expertise of the tools and techniques required to excel in this highly competitive field.

Call us on 18002000950 for more details regarding this certification program.

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Visit: goo.gl/VLoKfK

Vantage Point series – Business communication & email communication

Ripples Learning’s Vantage Point series aims at providing the skills and knowledge essential to succeed in a corporate workspace.This training series includes courses on business communication,email communication,first-time leadership skills,and more.

Call us on 18002000950 for more details regarding this program.

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For more information, visit @ goo.gl/siwNRZ

Certification in Learning and Development

Interested in pursuing a #career in training? The Certified Learning & Development Professional (CLDP) program offered by Ripples Learning is designed for professionals who are interested in pursuing a career in L&D. Call us on 18002000950 for more details regarding this certification program.

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For more information, visit @ https://zurl.co/OgDyK

Certified Learning and Development Program (CLDP) batch starts from April 8th in Bangalore

Does training interest you?

Are you interested in identifying the training needs of organizations?

If providing training solutions is something that you would like to do then #CLDP is the course for you. Power up the technical skills and brush up the soft skills required to be a successful L&D professional with Ripples Learning’s certification course on Learning and Development.

The course will interest everybody who want to get into Learning and Development.

If you are one of those, Call us on 18002000950 and we will be happy to help!

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For more information, visit @ https://goo.gl/2Ftnsh

#RipplesLearning runs on girl-power with more than 50% of us being women. No wonder we are insightful, trustworthy and cool! Here is a shoutout to all the #amazingwomen out there. Happy Women's Day #WomensDay

How to select the right company for leadership training in Bangalore?

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Visit here - http://bit.ly/2FfghyN

Ripples Learning wishes you a very Happy Holi 2018. #Holi

Benefits of organizing personality development training sessions.

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Visit here - http://bit.ly/2t1PShT

Which part of the brain controls decision making?

We make so many decisions every day, from simple things like deciding what to wear or what to eat all the way up to life-altering decisions like what to study or whom to marry.
Did you know which part of the brain is responsible for decision making?
Scientifically speaking, the prefrontal cortex of the brain is responsible for decision making. Collecting the right information and providing adequate inputs to the brain helps enhance decision making skills.
Ripples Learning conducts basic and advanced decision making skills workshops for working professionals at lead and managerial levels.
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Visit here http://bit.ly/2FQCj7w

What is creative thinking?

Creative thinking is not just about thinking and creating new things, but more about finding new solutions and methods for existing problems.
Creative out-of-the-box thinking can help you tackle age-old issues in a dynamic new way thereby accelerating the process of achievement of goals.
To learn creative thinking techniques call Ripples Learning on 18002000950.
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Visit us at http://bit.ly/2FQCj7w

Soft Skills training programs - Ripples Learning

To be successful in your career, you need to work on your behavioural and leadership skills along with constantly upgrading yourself technically.
At Ripples Learning, we conduct soft skills training programs for experienced professionals as well as freshers .  Contact us on 18002000950 to know more.

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Visit here - http://bit.ly/2FQCj7w

Every person has a belief system that forms the basis of all choices and decisions they make. Belief systems emanate from personal opinions, social conditioning, faith, education, experiences and everything that we have seen, heard or read.
Positive and empowering beliefs are a prerequisite to success. Ripples Learning offers a powerful and deeply impactful program to lose negative beliefs and replace them with others that work for you.
Call us to know more – 18002000950

Visit us at http://bit.ly/2FQCj7w
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