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Ripple Effect Images  National Geographic photojournalists harnessing the power of visual storytelling to scale solutions for women and girls globally.

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There are 7 cosmic stages, seven heavens and seven hells, 7 pillars of wisdom, seven rainbow colors. In Buddhism 7 is the number of attaining the Center, in Chinese there are 7 fairies, and the Bible mentions 7 circuits of Jericho. The Egyptians knew 7 daughters of Ra. The Greek Pan had seven pipes.
Today Ripple Effect Images is 7 years old! In seven years, our supporters have championed 7 pillars for women and their children: #water, #food, #health, #education, economic #independence, #energy and #climatechange mitigation. We have been touched by the strength and potential of women everywhere and today we rededicate our commitment to tell their stories.

Photos by @anniegriffithsphotography @ljohnphoto & @amivitale for @rippleeffectimages

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Village children play along the #Brahmaputra river in the northwestern chars of #Bangladesh. Char-dwellers survive the best they can, migrating from char to char up to 40 to 50 times in a given life and taking their collapsible tin houses along with them.
Today, their lands are disintegrating in front of their eyes. Within a day, 20 feet of landscape dropped into the river and people fled their homes overnight. With the lands dissolving, they find themselves without a place to go. Eventually, many of them will be driven to take shelter in the already teeming capital of Dhaka.

To learn more about climate change and its impact on low-lying Bangladesh, watch the Ripple Effect Images film "Under Water: Climate Change in Bangladesh," by Ami Vitale (@amivitale). (Link in profile.) Photo by @amivitale | @rippleeffectimages

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Scientists are predicting that climate change could lead to a rise in sea levels that would flood at least 17 percent of #Bangladesh and create around 20-35 million #refugees by 2050. The monsoon rains in the region are concentrating into a shorter period, causing a cruel combination of more extreme floods and longer periods of drought.
The situation is ironic and unjust.The poorest are the most affected by climate change but they are the least responsible for it. Ripple Effect Images’ aid partners train women to adapt to a changing climate by developing new skills, replanting millions of trees and creating reliable water sources.

To learn more about climate change and its impact on low-lying Bangladesh, watch the Ripple Effect Images film "Under Water: Climate Change in Bangladesh," by @amivitale. (Link in profile.) Photo by @amivitale | @rippleeffectimages

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Public discourse surrounding #climatechange is dominated by talking points and scientific evidence, but in Southeastern #Bangladesh, you don't even need to leave your front door to see its effects. Approximately 10 million Bangladeshis live less than a meter above sea level, and powerful, unpredictable storms alter the landscape multiple times per year.

Local fishermen risk their lives each time they venture out, and families are forced to relocate whenever the sea advances. Bangladeshis may have to uproot their lives as many as five times in a year just to avoid the flooding. The world's inaction on climate change is felt hardest by these communities, and unless something is done quickly, large regions of Bangladesh will be lost forever.

Photo by @amivitale | @rippleeffectimages

#photojournalism #women #girls #globalwarming #climaterefugees #refugees

She can have a healthy baby. As Women’s Health Week draws to a close, we wanted to share an excerpt from the film, HIV-Free Generation, we made for Mothers2Mothers (@mothers2mothers), an incredible organization working in Sub-Saharan Africa that trains, employs and empowers local mothers living with HIV as frontline healthcare workers to provide education and critical support. Evaluations of @mothers2mothers’s efforts show the virtual elimination of mother-to-child transmission of HIV among women who participate.

The @RippleEffectImages animated film that @mothers2mothers commissioned served as a centerpiece for two 15-year anniversary events which generated more than $2 million in donations. See the full film and learn more about this incredible program by visiting the link in our profile.
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We are so proud of the work Ripple Effect Images​ Photographer Ami Vitale​ (@amivitale) is doing on behalf of community based conservation at Kenya's Reteti Elephant Sanctuary (@r.e.s.c.u.e) and are absolutely enamored of her latest film about Dave Matthews Band​'s recent visit there. Reteti is the very first community owned and run elephant sanctuary in all of Africa.
Reteti employs some of the first indigenous women keepers in #Africa. Traditionally in #Kenya, #women are married young and aim to have as many children as possible (often a number that reaches between 5-10). Although women had never been keepers before, the community has embraced the new program. Today, Reteti has a total of 5 women keepers. The community is excited to hear what these women have accomplished, and rush to them when they return home to learn news of each of the elephants in their care.

Empowering women is crucial to counteract the increasing pressure placed on this fragile landscape. Reteti is opening a door to a world of possibilities where women are equally entitled to working on their own land and protecting their own wildlife. Reteti is changing the way these communities relate to wildlife, and this brings a sense of pride and responsibility to the women working at the sanctuary. They know that by caring for the elephants, their efforts are reducing poaching and human-wildlife conflict.

Thank you for continuing to inspire us, Ami, with your vital work showing the role of community and women empowerment in creating a stronger world. See the full film at Conservation International (@conservationorg) and learn how to contribute for a chance at visiting the sanctuary itself at

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At a family picnic in #Petra, #Jordan, Bedouin sisters do their homework on an iPad. Although many adults grew up in Petra with little formal education, the local village now has a dynamic school system and girls are some of the top students. In this season of #Ramadan, we wish all #Muslim #families peace and opportunity.

Photo by @anniegriffithsphotography | @rippleeffectimages

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Kajal’s dream is to continue her education though she has three strikes against her—she is female, a waste picker and comes from an uneducated family. Her mother wants her to marry but the idea of such a fate has convinced her that the only way out is to run away from home. “Without education you will not know the right path to take,” she says with an adult tone. She wants to be someone in society, like a policeman who can keep bad things from happening to people.

We are so moved by the strength and determination of the #WomenofBhalswa whose stories are being gathered by the amazing team at @rippleeffectimages aid partner Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group (@chintan.india). Kajal herself is able to pursue her education because of the work of @chintan.india. We wanted to contribute to this wonderful initiative by adding Kajal's story. Read along as they continue to share inspiring stories by following @chintan.india.

Photo by @ljohnphoto | @rippleeffectimages

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Tuberculosis is a scourge—a person dies of TB in the world every 20 seconds.Tuberculosis depletes its victims physically, economically and can make them outcasts in their families and communities. In Cambodia, Ripple Effect Images Aid partner Operation ASHA (@operationasha) empowers women healthcare workers who carry life saving medications, by motor scooter and boat, door to door, hand to hand—in villages all over the country. Here, Channy Chak braves muddy roads on her mission for Operation ASHA.
In exciting news, Operation ASHA has just expanded to its its last minute delivery system designed to to beat TB to the newest district of Himachal Pradesh in India. This new region will bring the total population served by Operation ASHA, for TB, to 5 million in India, and over 10 million worldwide. Operation ASHA's incredible impact continues to ripple forward.

Thanks to a generous grant from @Sony facilitated by @thephotosociety, @RippleEffectImages team members Lynn Johnson (@ljohnphoto) and Melanie Burford (@melburford) were able to document the program, providing Operation ASHA with a film and photography showing the profound effectiveness of their initiatives.

Photo by @ljohnphoto | @rippleeffectimages

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Mothers are some of the most creative people on Earth. Every day, mothers around the world have to find ways to keep their children alive in harsh conditions. Marwah fled Somalia with her daughter and took refuge in a camp across the border in Kenya. Every day she struggled to find food and medicine for her daughter. Her hard work and creativity paid off, and today she lives in Upstate New York. Her daughter is 17 years old now and headed off to college.
We all have special people to thank today, and we hope that you reach out to your loved ones and expess your gratitude for everything that they've done. But we also encourage you to think of the mothers lifting unbelievably heavy burdens around the world, moving mountains for their children. Today is for them.

From all of us at Ripple Effect Images, have a happy Mother's Day!

Photo by @anniegriffithsphotography | @rippleeffectimages

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To see more powerful photography by @ljohnphoto of those living at the #UNHCR #Azraq Refugee Camp, view the @rippleeffectimages film The Water Wheel (Link in Profile). To learn more about the work @rippleeffectimages does, please visit

Photo by @ljohnphoto | @rippleeffectimages

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Solar lanterns available for the community at the UNHCR Azraq Refugee Camp hang on the side of a home, gathering solar power for the night ahead.
The camp itself is as if a complete suburb of tin boxes touched down in the desert, dropped from the sky—complete in tidy row upon row. They are white, ribbed, 24 x 24, uniform. They are called T-shelters or more romantically—caravans. A family of five is permitted one caravan, a family of 6+ may have two. The spaces between houses are used creatively. Kitchens, porches, storage spaces, appear made by blankets and tarps stretched between one tin wall and another. At last count, 36,605 people all fleeing the Syrian conflict call Azraq home.
Photo by @ljohnphoto | @rippleeffectimages

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