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🛒281-330-8004  Distrustful of my own faculties.. I embrace doubt itself as truth, affirming nothing, and doubting all things.

I've touched this place before
Somewhere in another time
Now I can hear the sun
The clouds drifting through the blinds
A half a million thoughts
Are flowing through my mind

Too low to find my way, too high to wonder why.

Got something off my wishlist from a random person I don't know lmao tight

" ...and the ease with which his face communicates disappointment can feel a little tyrannical."

Photos I never got around to posting.
I loved these because they put a spotlight on all the little things I try to hide all the time. I'm still learning you can't control everything no matter how much you try.

New rubber plant babies and I also hid the stupid modem in some books. I wish all those cords would fuck off though.

Blair lost my tweezers and I guess it's been a good thing because look how thick I can do my brows now.

I want to live at Rolling Greens tho fr

Went to a lot of nurseries today and came home with nothing.

When your homie knows you better than you know yourself. Thanks for the candle @stop_crying_j!

I just had portos for the first time. I want to die eating their tres leches ommgggg

Look how pretty Virgil is.

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