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More @johnstamos art from the #JohnStamosArtShow. Still plenty of time to submit your own!


2nd show added!@btbamofficial (Colors 10th Anniversary Tour) w/ @thecontortionist, @polyphia, and @toothgrinder_usa. Sunday, October 1st at @bottomlounge. ON SALE NOW

For the 93 Americans who are killed and the hundreds injured by gun violence every day, join us and #WearOrange on June 2.

#BeatsOverBullets #WearOrange

Riot Fest Horoscopes Week of May 22nd, 2017.
Bite your tongue, swear to keep your mouth shut. Make up something good. Hold hands, skip a stone, burn the witch.

You’re so young and beautiful. That’s right, you’re slick. You’re no fool. Time goes by, tables turn. Now you know. First it giveth, then it taketh away.

Heaven smiles above you. What a gift here below, but no one knows the gift that you give. No one knows.

You’re so impossible. No one wants to hear you got left behind. All those times you stayed up and cried, it’s no lie, you did it to yourself.

You believe it, you know you do. You won’t admit it or say so, but you know that god is in the radio just repeating a slogan. You come back another day and do no wrong.

It’s all in motion. No stoppin’ now, you’ve got nothin’ to lose and only one way up. You’re burning bridges and destroying the mirage of visions of collisions. Fuckin’ bon voyage, It’s all smooth sailing from here on out.

Sometimes the same is different, but mostly it’s the same. The mysteries of life just ain’t your thing. If you said you knew about the sun and the moon, I’d be untrue. The only thing you know for sure is what you wanna do, anytime, anywhere you say.

You can go get fucked, lie beside the ditch, so low round your neck strung out every stitch. Who are you hiding? Is it safe for the deaf?

For so long you saw only wrong, but now to remind you not to go back to the low that has drained you life so low. Close your eyes and see the skies are falling

Free is too long, you know this is wrong. Everything scars the skin, push it in, push it in, break it off.

The truth hurts so bad, wouldn’t you say? So why tell it? If ignorance is bliss, then you’re in heaven now.

You know the sun is hot. Mosquitos come suck your blood and leave you there all alone, just skin and bone, when you walk among the trees listening to the leaves. The further you go the less you know. The less you know

Tonight at Beauty Bar you could become the lucky owner of a pair of tickets to see the Real Boys at Concord Music Hall on June 9th. The catch is you have to come to Beauty Bar tonight. Hope to see you there!

TONIGHT: The return of SHOT BAKER w/ Avenues & Shots Fired Shots Fired. May 20th at @cobralounge.

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