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RIRIN  💉Medical Student of Brawijaya University 2016 📍Bali-Malang 📲 rinintarifia


Being healthy and living a healthy life have always been very important to us.
What do you think about children in the street? How do they live?

I hope there will be no longer be any differences between street and normal children.
I want all children to have their rights to go to school, live a happier life, and reach their dreams.

My name is Ririn Arifia, I'd like to share happiness with them for living a healthy life and help them to find better future. As youth who are responsible to take care these leaders in the future, we should take an action in raising awareness of how to live a healthy life😊

AMSA District 5 in collaboration with Save Street Child (SSC) Malang proudly presents:
🎉PLEURA (Promoting Children and Youth's Health Program)🎉
"Healthy Choice for A Better Future"✨ #VivaAmsa

Bibit bibut unggul dibalik kelamnya jalan cibogo.

hehe, iya, kelam 🌚

Zaman sekarang, banyak orang yang saling memberikan hadiah sebagai bukti kasih sayang, salah satunya yaitu kalung emas. Saya hanya cukup memberikan kalung dari permen yang salah satunya ada permen Kopiko. Mengapa? Karena saya ingin kakak seperti kopi. Kopi yang tetap dicintai tanpa menyembunyikan pahitnya diri.
Yoris Junanto_PSKed/2015_CLUB #amsabrawijaya

This is not the end, but this is just the begining! #researchisfun

Terimakasih HSF 2017!❤️

Happy birthday to the most awesome, strongest, most beautiful woman in the world! I wish that you will get better life, stay young, stay humble, and always be my favorite mom. I always proud as one of your daughter mom. Warm love from Malang and I love you!❤️❤️❤️


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