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Rina Nerina  🌿🦀🗡

Никогда не думала что в моей жизни на смену акварели придет дижка:D

Отличные были выходныеС: спасибо @supervisorcosplay за компанию, кофе, и возможность побесить тебя с утраС,: #eabftour #ionnalee


#cristinaaielli100k @cristinaaielli_lingerie I really adore two things: lingerie and to draw. So this contest appeared to be just perfect for me!
I remember when I've suddenly stumbled upon a photo of "flora" and "heather" underwear sets in tumblr, I was so amazed by it so I've searched through whole internet to find where it was from, and then I've sent it to all from my contact list because it is almost illegal for underwear to be SO, SO beautiful! I was so inspired that I wanted to start working on my own lingerie designs lol.
St. Valentine's Day is a sad day for me this year, because my boyfriend lives in other country and we cant meet at this date, but thanks to this contest I was able to distract myself a little from sad thoughts and start to draw again >3 I'd love to win of course, but i am realist and I know the chances are small, but I just want to prove myself that I am good for something and I really want to believe that good things are happening when you really need it. Ну очень хотелось поучаствовать:,) за перевод спасибо Супервайзеру:3

Это чудо-женщина Дианка , поставь царский лукас и она унесет все твои проблемы на этом камне! Проверено, работает , это не развод!:D

Пятёрочка по мемологии #doyouknowtheway #ugandanknuckles #knuckles #douknowdewey

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