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Marina "Rina Cat" Tay  Well, I was gonna use "rinacat" as my username but it was already taken. RL work drains me, watching cartoons and doodling fanarts make me happy.

Bard is the kind of person who accept people's request without a 2nd thought if they could help it. #Wandersong

My first proper #wandersong fanart of Bard and Miriam.

I'm glad this game isn't that hard for someone who hasn't played any platform games in ages. #wandersong

Small doodles of a cheery bard and grumpy witch. #Wandersong

I wish I can sing and dance and save the world at the same time. #wandersong

Stuff I bought #JesseltonArtisanMarket

Runic Rose, a pony OC commissioned by Teganrose1.

Birds of a feather... #VexySmurf #Smurfette

Meeting Vexy.

Full pic and higher res can be found on my deviantArt. #VexySmurf #Smurfette #SmurfStorm

Treating myself with cookies.

Yes, it's finally open.

Just trying out the watercolor brush in Clip Studio, here's a simple drawing of Smurfette.

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