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Marina "Rina Cat" Tay  Well, I was gonna use "rinacat" as my username but it was already taken. RL work drains me, watching cartoons and doodling fanarts make me happy.

Treating myself with cookies.

Yes, it's finally open.

Just trying out the watercolor brush in Clip Studio, here's a simple drawing of Smurfette.

Leni at the beach. Commissioned by AberrantScript from DA. #leniloud

Was cleaning my room a bit and found this ripped page with autograph signatures from Dato' Lat and other local artists back in '94.

I hope I'll get over this stomach pain soon so I can continue with my commissions. Anyway, have some Stormfette post-it doodles. #stormfette #smurfstorm #smurfette #smurfsau

Leeta and Lyco from the old Archie Sonic comics. Commissioned by BeelzeRider@deviantart

Bought myself these cute keychains from @saltxpaper #keychain

First meeting... And a little (somewhat) relationship development idea. #smurfsau #stormfette

Here's that mature art I was talking about. Just wanna draw them in intimate moments.

Higher version is available at my DA.

I'm in major pain... #postitdoodle #doodles

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