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Rina  Hi! I'm a musician who makes YouTube videos. In the mean time, you may as *well* watch one! ⬇️🎹🎻 (also: some school ‘19)

I almost killed myself in that snow. The proof is in my YouTube video. Hint: tap the link in bio

So much fun last weekend. Love these people.
P.S. I tried to sing Reflection from Mulan (had a voice crack that sounded like a middle school dude starting puberty)

Super awesome hanging out with these two + we met a violinist who’s going places

I DID IT!!!!!! RIP, SAT👍(and yes, that was an accurate representation of me when I stepped out of that building)

Look, mom! My drawings!

Result: jello-like legs the following day👌 but seriously, I was only 3,942 steps from TWENTY THOUSAND

Kindergarten moments. I couldn’t spell “music (2), “twenty fourth” (4), “talk”, or “friend” (5). It was a fun year, but it’s pretty hard to realize that it was over a decade ago. But MOST IMPORTANTLY... the last three pictures are meme worthy. 👌 #kindergarten

This was the first thing I did when I got home. If you couldn’t tell already, there was no piano in Utah, sooooooooooo...

It was such a crazy day!!! I was stuck on the airport for a good 6-7 hours until the plane finally boarded😬 luckily, I got to complain about that to @epiccake so it was all good. Also, since it was so snowy, there was a de-ice guy who was spraying boiling water on the plane (refer to picture 6). Obviously, since it was so cold, it vaporized instantly. Anyway, I’m finally home now after a whole lot of cRaZy.

Day 5: laid back, and a pretty good day. One thing I did was filming a video of me being stupid in the snow. I PLAYED VIOLIN OUT THERE. I should’ve realized that the altitude would totally untune my strings. Whoops. I also went on a nature hike in the snow and came across some interesting things. The altitude totally sapped my breath, though. I also had to do some homework, but I got to watch some YouTube too—specifically, Reaction Time. Finally, I played Bomberman with my bros and it was LIT💡💡💡👌👌👌

Day 4: fun (and tiring) day! I motivated myself to wake up and step out to that 1 degree weather. Luckily, in Utah, windchill isn’t really a thing, so the cold was bearable. After skiing, I had to do some homework: ultimately sapping 2 hours of time. I also read my books and played Mario Kart with my bro. Fun.

Day 3: not many pictures today. Pretty mountains and throwing boiling water in 0 degree weather.

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