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Kathrin  ♡ 사랑해요~~~👆♡ 🇩🇪🇭🇺


I never did a proper post on this, but I finally felt like doing it. Still one of the greatest experiences from last year <3
I'm glad I had the chance to get my hands on it!
Happy Birthday Ilya!

I really like this makeup, I feel so cute in these photos haha
One more Zero Two selfie for now!
Going live on twitch now, link is in my bio <3

Happy Valentines Day Darling <3
Zero Two from Darling in the FranXX

I will stream on Twitch again later this day, let's spend it together and go Monster Hunting c:

Going live on twitch within the next minutes! Link is in my story <3
Did my makeup inspired by my character huehue

A small collage of different lenses I recieved from @ttd_eye
The upper left photo is my original eye color as a comparison.
You can use my code "rin_cosplay" for 10% off

I have a crush on Dean

Yes, I've had surgery done on my boobs. 5 times, when I was 12.

Alice from SINoALICE
Cosplay is from @bhiner.cosplay.taobaoagent <3

am I creepy?
contact lenses are from @momokolens
wearing my Shiba Inu hoodie from @tengokushop <3

jen stinkt
contact lenses are from @momokolens


Umi <3 I'll also cosplay Rin soon!

My list of Love Live cosplays is never ending.. what did I do with my last 3 years of cosplaying. What did those Idols do to me
Photos were taken by @skyvision_photographic_arts around 3 years ago? I love his work <3


I love to see how my look has changed so much during the past few months, especially with the combination of contact lenses haha.
Which is your favorite?

I didn't like the color that much, but looking back at it I'm digging it now haha
Queen Brown contact lenses are from @ttd_eye

Took this some time ago cause the tips of my hair were so cute? Haha

Oi "Chocolate Snow" lenses from @ttd_eye

More convention stuff <3 I really like this photo, it has such a natural vibe to it. The cutie next to me is @keekihime !
Photo was taken by @rendomfotografu

2016 cringe Rin in DEUTSCH
Quality Zusammenschnitte mit dem Handy, yes.
These clips are stolen from @ijennyan huehue since the original will be deleted I wanted to summarize a few and upload them here <3

with @ijennyan and @strikercosplay


wig from @donalovehair

I hope it's ok to upload this hahaha
What it's like to go to karaoke with @heeyisis <3 one of my most precious memories.
(When you try to be cool in the male part haha)

wig is from @donalovehair
I straightened it and colored the roots to suit my taste haha

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