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Thank you to my dear friend @mike_stanceworks for one of the finishing touches for my current build. I have aimed and strived for the highest of quality on this car; not only in my own work, but in the history and lineage of the parts it is comprised of. Though my hands have been doing nothing but fab and assembly for a very long time and will continue diligently, come a couple months, they will be happily and firmly planted on this @momomotorsport prototipo hanging on for dear life.
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I will never stop trying.

Though there are a million things I want to do to it, and I fight the urge to butcher it everyday, I really like this car.

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Can’t wait to put this to work. I’m sure this American Chromoly will be up the task.

This car: I want to look at it when it is complete and be proud of every single piece it is made of; visible or otherwise. You will likely never see this piece again.

I’d love to be able to dump some time and money into it, but for now, I’m proud that the e34 is eating up the miles I put in front of it, and other than needing gas constantly, doesn’t complain a bit.
#e34 #540i6 #stanceworks

Exploring with my @lexiigrace_ this weekend

I don’t share much of my current automotive endeavor, with much of anyone or on anything, as I think some of the best things should be kept pure and personal in their infancy; but know I am pouring my heart and soul, and all of the passion I have (and every physical thing I own) into every piece of this car.

Everyday Car got a bath, and a heater valve, and my beautiful @lexiigrace_ changed a cracked tail light for me this weekend. It ate up some of my valuable time, but its earned it I’d say.

It’s Friday! You know what that means! 👨🏻‍🏭

What a week! At 12:10pm today the @bringatrailer auction of our m60/6 speed, 1985 635csi ended. I have just spoken with the buyer, which barring a smooth expeditious transaction, will give the car its new home. Both my father and I will be sad to see the car leave, but we are confident it is going to a good loving home and will be enjoyed and cared for for many years to come. What comes next is sure to squelch the current sadness of the loss of a friend that plagues the House!

The e34 must be bitter at me after learning its stablemate e24 will be sold here in a couple days. In retaliation, it demanded a new fuel pump yesterday.

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