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Riley Girl  5/22/14🎂 Ohio girl with the cutest cowlick🐮

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY RILEY GIRL! 4 years ago we brought home this little ball of fur and energy, she has made me laugh, frustrated me, comforted me, and everything in between. Unconditional love at its finest🖤🐾.
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Hello? I. Am. Starving. Over here. Why don’t you give me a big old bite of that ice cream?

Okay friends! Looking for advice! Have any of you rescued a pup when you have young kiddos at home? We’ve been talking about rescuing a pup, but obviously I am apprehensive having little kids in the house. We would have to find a dog absolutely bomb proof with kids and one that would get along with Riley 😬. I know the perfect dog addition for our family is out there somewhere... now that I’m home every day, it just seems right to help a pup in need. *NO negative comments please*

Mom, could you please tell those people outside to stop shooting off those fireworks? 😞
*Poor Riley girl HATES fireworks... I couldn’t even get her to leave our porch tonight to go potty before bed.. Please don’t forget about your fur babies at home tonight who are convinced those booms are the world coming to an end!*

We know a lot of places will be starting their Independence Day celebrations this weekend, and we just want to give a reminder to all the pawrents about keeping us fur babies safe during the holiday! 🚨On the 4th of July, more pets go missing than any other day of the year!
-Keep pets inside! Even pups in fences in yard can find ways to escape the scary sounds!
-Give them a safe place to hide! -Use ambient noise (radios, tv, etc.) to mask the noise!
-update IDs and microchips! (Just Incase)
-Skip the celebration and stay home with them! Sometimes your presence makes all the difference!
-Keep them busy! (Treats, Kongs, etc.)🚨
Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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