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Riley Geare  Los Angeles based Musician, producer and engineer🎵


New pad!! New music room/studio setup! New roomies @trevorwesley and @skyelerkole !! New bedroom! Still in progress but coming together and feeling real good! Also thanks to @m_e_l_i_official for introducing me to these lovely folks!!!

Wishing everyone a 2018 filled with love, health, inspiration and learning. I'm really grateful for all the incredible people I can call my companions in one way or another. I'm really lucky. Thank you❤️ 📷: Eliot Kamenitz

Selling some great recording gear at great prices! Royer R-121 ribbon mic $1000. (2) API 512c preamps and 6-space API 500 series lunchbox- $1200. I am the first owner of everything. Everything works wonderfully and is in like-new condition, although I have used them on every record I've made in the last 2-3 years. Posting on here before they go on reverb.com cause I would love them to go to a friend! Message me if you are interested or have any questions!! .
#recording #gear #forsale #gearporn #royer #r121 #ribbonmic #api #512c #preamps #500series #lunchbox

Last day in New Orleans! It's been really healing. Also kind of exhausting. Haha. Anyway, I thought I would take a stab at The Meter's classic "Sissy Strut." It's a tricky one! Gonna work on getting it together for some much higher quality video content next year... it's one of my major goals. For now here what ya get!😆 #themeters #sissystrut #neworleans #funk #drums #guitar #hammondorgan #bass #fender #hammond #ludwigdrums #riffs

Sat in with a parade band last weekend that was thrown together for the funeral of a local man. (Performing on a bar patio instead of marching because of rain) The Gentleman playing the bass drum is Mr. Barry Martyn, my dad's neighbor. Been hanging out with him quite a bit. Barry has a really interesting story. He came to New Orleans from England in 1961, and sought out all of the originators of "traditional" jazz who were still alive at that time. Many weren't working much or at all then, because of segregation and changing music tastes. But he learned the music, and became a key figure in its revival in the 60's and 70's. He put together bands with the surviving originators and toured the world for many years as Barry Martyns' Legends of Jazz. He likes to smoke huge cigars and tell stories, and I like to listen. He took us on a tour of the lower 9th ward, to show us the homes of the musicians he used to play with, Fats Dominos house, "Pilot Houses" and finally, the battlefield where the battle of New Orleans was fought in 1812. Without him ever showing me a note on the drums, I've been getting some good lessons...

Yo, 2017 has been ROUGH! Most people I talk to can agree on that. For me, it's really been the last 2 years. I wish it hadn't taken a series of dramatic losses in my personal life to get me to finally prioritize my mental and physical health, but nonetheless I'm glad I finally started down that road. Therapy is good. Cutting meats out of my diet has done wonders for me. Dramatically decreasing my alcohol intake has been key. Regular exercise is a must. After months of working hard on these changes and thanks to the help of friends and family I'm getting to a better place than I've ever been. I plan on upping my game even harder in the near future. Gotta be as strong as possible for the challenges that lie ahead. This has been Deep Thoughts™ by Jack Handy, thanks for listening. #healthiswealth #mybodyisatemple #namaste #mentalhealth #newyearnewme #preachyposts #boring #wegetitdude #selfie #nofilter #neworleans #bywater

I have a lot of goals for 2018 and one of the most important is to become a better musician. This means pushing way outside my comfort zone, experimenting a lot, practicing and playing constantly, and approaching music with humility, respect, and an open mind. Been taking in a lot of music during my stay out here in New Orleans, and while I'll never be able to authentically deliver the kind of grooves I've heard out here, it will be fun to make some of the ideas my own. My old phone wouldn't allow me to record a second take no matter how much shit I deleted, so here is a first take, "warts and all" of some rough groove ideas #loosygoosy #alittlerushyinplaces #botchedtomfill #firsttake #oldphone #memoryfull #neworleans #drums #parade #funk #iwillneverbeabletoplaytraditionalgrip #lol

The ONLY way to roll into a punk house show🌴 also: bro and sis winter selfie tradition officially restarted✨

I'm in a bit of a transitional stage this month, but I'm still working on music! Just started a rad new project with the extremely talented and wonderful Brooke Bina [ @intersubjectiv ] -I'm mixing and gonna play some bass to @papifimbres ' badass drums! Would love to pick up some more mixing work to keep me busy through the end of the year and into 2018! I just ordered a @uaudio Apollo MKII Duo (swipe left for pic) -it's the portable version of the DAW I've been using back in Portland so soon I'll have the same plug-ins! Hit me up if you would like me to be a part of your musical project! .
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Wow I've been in New Orleans for a week? That flew by...

#tbt to a few weeks ago in Portland when #QueenBitch played our first gig in over 5 years- @rygarrr and @insta.bex 's fantastic and fully glammed-out wedding. The best!!✨❤️⚡️💋.
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Coming back to LIFE! Thankful for family, the sun, and the ocean...
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