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Turns out I don't know how to roller skate but I do know how to fall every time I step on the floor no matter how many hands I'm holding HAHAHA

hud took me out to antelope island for the first time today! vvv pretty vvv cool lots of buffalo

After a long, hard battle my sweet grandma was set free of the awful disease of Alzheimer's. I would have dismantled myself to put her back together again. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to hold her and love her, surrounded by family in her final hours along with moments after her passing. My heart is so heavy with emotions that are much strong than me. I cannot even fathom the love I have for my grandma Kay, but I am so happy to know that her pain and suffering is over, she is finally free once more.

spontaneous trips make you feel so alive, don't pass them up🌵🦅🌞💸

Can't believe they made a river about all the girls I went to high school with

All I really know is I want to be living in swimsuits and shorts, listening to biggie and on my way to the lake everyday

i need palm trees and fresh air

Happy one year, baby!! I can't wait to see what the future has in store for the two of us.💖I love you!

The man himself is F I F T Y! ‪As a little girl, I was dead convinced I was going to marry my him after he proposed to me countless amount of times with cheap rings that would turn my fingers green.‬ Thank you for calming all our fears and throwing out unexpected witty comments without hesitation. I love you most! Happy birthday, pops!🍾

the duo is back 🖤

I feel like i'm a chicken running around with it's head cut off while carrying the worlds weight on my back these last few weeks. So I way super wish I was traveling somewhere that the smell of saltwater swarms the air instead. anyone want to come with

the holiday seasons are so much better spent with you. i am so lucky!!

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