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We're Partyin For P Tonight!!!

I get encouragement from a lot of People because of My Music and He was definitely 1 of Them, You never know who God can speak through if You don't wanna listen and That's My Godly advantage, Rest My G, Blastin Mobb Today

In the mist of everyone trippin off the Pac movie and this just blew my day for real!!! Favorite Team #MobbDeep

Something Different This Year For The Don!!! Happy Fathers Day!!! #ForeverJohnsons

A lot of People are not about to like Me and the point of Me caring doesn't even matter any more, too many of y'all are faking for the internet smh liars, pretenders and wanna be Folx!!! Full of the bull #AoGLyfe #WeRGodsArtillery

Posted 5 years ago and it STILL stands!!! A lot of People that are on Social Media are full of bull βœ‚ too many Liars #BetGod

20 years since His murder and He STILL kranx harder than %95 of rap to this day, after seeing His movie last night it made Me miss Him even more than I've already have been!!! We celebrate the birthday of 1 of Musics greatest Warriors!!! He showed that if Your not all in then be all out #HBDPac

All πŸ‘€ On Me!!! rIpPac

Lol, Trouble πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… #NYGYaBustaz

This Girl HERE!!! My Family's DEEP #AndGodWinzAgain

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