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Rikki Varney  💥Varney Training & Nutrition 💪Personal Trainer 🍏Certified Nutritionist (ACA) 🌍 www.varneypt.com

For my first show to my last. Nabba Pro-Am
Placed 3rd in the first timers class in 2013
Won class 2 and overall in 2018
Itching to start prep for this year and see what improvements I’ve made. Need to hold off a few more weeks yet though! 😏

11 months old today! The countdown to Bella’s 1st birthday begins 🍰

Would love to know what we was talking about here 🤔
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That face you pull when you know you carbd up on pizza backstage .
With @rikkivarney at Nabba west Midlands champs 2018 .1st place here having a laugh and enjoying time up there .
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Client Transformaion
Awesome work from my client Oliver Moyle. 17 weeks to find a set of abs he didn’t think he had!!
No complaints, no slip ups but a high work rate and 100% adherence to the plan the whole time.
Really happy with his results and looking forward to seeing where he can go next with his physique.
Well done Oliver 👌

Happy 1st Mother’s Day @beckyvarney 😘

NABBA Midlands Champions 2018

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Nearly 1 year ago myself and @rikkivarney ,west Midlands champs 2018,
Having a blast In overall goodluck to you this year ,maybe 2020 👌👌💯💯✊✊💪💪🤞🤞.
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Just me and a parrot!

Back Day with @flex_louis at @ironworksbirmingham .
Session looked like this:
1️⃣ RDL 205kg x 8, 180kg x 13
2️⃣ Chest Supported T-Bar Rows 3 x 12-8 (same weight)
3️⃣ Bent Over DB Rows 3 x 12-8 (same weight)
4️⃣ Underhand Machine Row 3 x 8-12 (increased weight each set)
5️⃣ Reverse Pec Dec 3 x 15 (60s rest between sets)

Little Isabella growing so fast @beckyvarney ☺️

Coaching Tips
Incline Machine Chest Press
This is a an awesome machine to target the upper chest. Being locked into the correct position will allow you to perform the exercise at the best of your ability and get the most from the movement. .
Let’s break down the key pointers:
The Butt
Sit back into the pad and don’t lose contact. Once your butt slides forward you will lose the correct angle of the press. As you move forward the closer you get to creating a flat press which is not what we are after. .
Shoulder blades/scapula
With every pressing movement I always preach “chest up, shoulders back and down.” Your shoulder blades should be retracted and depressed throughout the whole set. Basically prefect posture.
If you feel like your shrugging and your neck is being swallowed by your body you need to address your form. It don’t look pretty and you won’t be getting the most from the exercise. .
The Elbows
Now this is really common and unless is highlighted it will likely go under the radar. As you lower the weight and reach a full stretch. Have a look at where your elbows end up. it’s very common to see the elbows lift up at the end.
As you then press you have to scoop the weight up before your finish the press. As the elbows creep up at the end of the stretch your shoulders will drop forward and this can lead to your shoulder blades opening up. This is not good at all as tension will move right to the shoulder rather than the chest.
Try focusing on lowering the weight in a straight line. Slightly tuck your elbows in and keep them low at the end of the movement.
You could try pausing at the bottom checking where your elbows are before pressing the weight. .
On all exercises, master the execution of the movement and then get as strong as possible with the most intensity you can generate.
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@pca_official British Finals 2017 Top 3. Being compared to the British and future world champion @randeep911 What a day that was! 💪

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