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Rikke Mattsson  Copenhagen. Chemist. Mother of three. Wife. Avid knitter, but occasionally I do cross stitches and crotchet. Love cooking and gardening.

Mother-daughter Monday morning matching outfit.
#leneholmesamsøestrik #bellatunika #ellasweater

Enjoying my own company in a quiet momet in the garden. Swatching for my next project #hvirvelvindtop #bynuhrknitting.
Using #camarose #sommeruld #mint2029 supplied by #knitwedo. Can't wait to wear it.

One very nice benefit of having a daughter is you can make candy coloured mother-daughter matching sets 💟
My bespoke version of the Ella sweater has short sleeves, and a short body with a long rib. The Bella tunika will more or less be as the pattern dictates.
#leneholmesamsøestrik #bellatunika #ellasweater #egostrik #børnestrikpüpindetreogenhalvtilfire

Straight out of the 1950'ties and off to a wedding anniversary.

Argh. I hate when this happens. Frogging 🐸 coming right up.
#ellasweater #leneholmesamsøestrik

When travelling with work, I always bring my knitting to kill time in airports and to calm down in the evenings after a long day of work.
The #1950kimonosleevedtop is more or less done, only the final details are missing. The neck is comming along well, leaving the sleeve bands as the final post before it's ready to be worn. I can't wait 🤗
#gepardcottonwool3 #knittingismytherapy #placestoknit @killerkitsch13

Enjoying the dreary spring in my garten; constantly changing between full sun and cloudy. Right now it's cold, so my daughter's duvet is covering my legs, ensuring longer knit time outside.
The #1950kimonosleevedtop is in steady progess. Soon to split up for front and back. Knitted bottom-up in the round.

Once again combining business travels with late evening knitting. Lovely de-stressing activity before bedtime 😉
I've finally managed to finish 13 cm of 1k, 1p ribbing on needles 2.5 mm; it took forever. First colour shift in the stripes is up in only a few rows. I'm knitting the slip-on from bottom and up in the round.
@killerkitsch13 #killerkitchknitalong #placestoknit #knittingismyyoga

Tyre change. Why not use the wait for knitting? #placestoknit

Second attempt. First choice for yarn was a clear fail but Gepard seems well fitted for this vintage top. I've chosen colours that resembles the original. Can't wait to finish and wear it.
#1950kimonosleevedtop #killerkitchknitalong #vintagestyle #vintageknitting #gepard #gepardcottonwool3 @killerkitsch13

When my grandmother passed away more than fifteen years ago, it turned out that she had an enormous stash of high quality vintage yarn. I had the great fortune to share it with my mother, and from time to time I pick out some of it and turn it into something nice to remind me of her.
These two skeins of #FroehlichWolle #SpecialBlauband are going to be a pair of socks. Note the extra yarn for reinforcement of heel and toes.
#vintageyarn #iknitsocks

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