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With all the current events happening within our country recently I've been thinking a lot about growing up in the South and particularly how honoring the Confederacy is totally normalized.
I grew up around the westside of Jacksonville, Florida where multiple public schools are named after Confederate leaders: a middle school named Jefferson Davis - after the president of the Confederacy, a high school named Robert E. Lee - after the general of the Confederacy, and another high school named Nathan Bedford Forrest - after another Confederate general and the first grand wizard of the KKK (thankfully in 2014 the school board changed this school's name.) The intention and power that these public school names have is detrimental to a growing society, considering the energy that they hold. What's worst of all is that mostly students of color, mainly black students attend these schools - this is an absolute disgrace to these students who are trying to learn and grow in these institutions. I'm sure there's a plethora of other statues and monuments honoring white supremacists in the city that I'm unaware of as well. How can anyone be proud of a history that was fought to terrorize and enslave people? There's absolutely no reason to give acclaim to these white supremacist men and it's been going on for waaaaay too long now. Allowing these places and monuments to continue to give praise to racist leaders only empowers racists like the terrorist who drove through the crowd of people in Charlottesville. I hope and pray that every damn thing in the South that commemorates and celebrates these racist bastards on the wrong side of history gets thoroughly destroyed...forever!!!

❣️from "codex seraphinianus" by luigi serafini ❣️🌀

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💗🐾this past week or so has been some of the most trying times of my life..but the universe loves to deal us challenges and instances of bad luck to remind us to continue to be committed to our life mission and dreams.🌿may your leo season be filled with personal strength for self growth and healing 🌹🌔

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really feeling like my life is a joke/trash lately but trying to find the good in all the bad + excited for this full moon eclipse tonight in aquarius 🌕♒️💓




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