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Sandy toes & a sun kissed nose in Esperance 🇦🇺💦⁣⁣
Trying to make a conscious effort to explore more of my own home country this year. ⁣⁣We are SO spoilt for choice on the west coast and this little gem is only a short (ish) 7hour drive from Perth. ⁣⁣
Any recommendations or fav spots/watering holes around Oz? Would love to make a ‘next to’ list! 🚘🗺 #esperance #esperancewa #seeaustralia #whitesand #twilightbeach #beachside #australiansummer #westaustralia

So glad I finally got to meet my little nephew. Baby Oz! What a little earth angel 👼🏻

This grand piece of art was created by the talented @laurakimpton a couple years back. Her work has always been one of my favourites on the dusty playa. This year she has put together a ‘HaHa..’ and everyone is writing what makes them laugh on the piece. LOVE HER IDEAS 💡✨
I didn’t think I would have such bad fomo this year but it’s definitely kicked in the last couple of days 😩🔥 Hope everyone’s dusty & RUNNING WILD!

Wooppee Cheers to 4 years with this honey pot 🍯💛 & to many more adventures together 🌍✨

Even though I hated this bathroom when we bought the place & have glorious renovation plans for when I win lotto 😆 It is starting to feel quite peaceful.. Dont mind my evening setup at all! 😴😴

Stormy Dubai nights waiting for our pina colada’s 🍹🌪 This little lady & I live in different countries yet still make the effort to see each other twice a year. Such a treat 🍰✨

So a mysterious Soviet cargo plane lays abandoned in the desert in Umm Al Quwain, weathering from the harsh sun. Its rumoured to have been owned by the notorious Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout who Nicholas Cage played In the lord of the wars film. Viktor is apparently spending jail time in the US.
It’s not open to the public and its trespassing to get this close. I wanted to climb through the man hole in the cockpit to stand on top of the plane like I’ve seen others do but they have caught on to the attraction and sealed the once open doors shut 😩 doh!
Still pretty cool to visit and to see how close it’s parked to the road in the middle of nowhere. ✈️✈️✈️

Dreamy Dubai Date Nights 💫

You’re the rum to my punch 🍹

A day out on the catamaran, island hopping with amazing people for the most amazing wedding week celebrations 🔆🧡🇬🇩

g r e n a d a 🇬🇩🍯

Looking forward to the month ahead ticking off 10 new countries in the Caribbean 🥥🌴 Feeling very grateful to be back here as I can never quite get enough of that beautiful turquoise water 💦😍 (PLUS ISLAND TIME REALLY WORKS FOR ME)😂😂😌

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