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Riga Motor Museum  www.motormuzejs.lv


Pēc vairāk kā 7 gadu prombūtnes, pamestais ekspedīcijas "ugunsdzēsējs" sasniedzis Latviju. Sagaidot_ 🚒🇱🇻 #rigasmotormuzejs

Steering towards the weekend with a BMW 327 sport cabrio. Wouldn't that be nice?

#motormuzejs #rigamotormuseum #bmw327

Today we wanted to share a different side of the museum. Not a unique car or precious museum object. It's just our plain white staircase that turned out to be the best place in the museum for visitors to take photos. #motormuzejs #rigamotormuseum

Not the most ordinary way to look at a car. By the way, its a BMW 3/15 typ DA4 - first car, manufactured by BMW Company, using English Austin Seven prototype. Cost of the DA4 was between 2175 and 2575 Reich Marks. A total number of 15 798 BMW DA1, DA2 and DA4 models were made.
Photo credit: Rawcar photography
#BMW #motormuzejs #rigamotormuseum

You don't always need a bigger picture. Here a detail is enough.

Car: Steyr 220 Gläser Sport Cabrio.
Photo taken by our visitor @madaraphotography.

We are having a party overhere. 1 year anniversary after the reconstruction of Riga Motor Museum.

It's rainy today in Riga. But look on the bright side: these are the best weather conditions for a museum visit.
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When you visit Riga Motor Museum, be prepared to beat our guide Juris at this car parking game. His personal best - 21 seconds. 🏆

There are times when getting into a stranger's car is a good idea. Experience the full adventure - link in the bio. #rigamotormuseum #motormuzejs #packard #adventure #riga #latvia

Baltic Classic Rally burning some gasoline at the Bikernieki race track. #balticclassicrally #motormuzejs #rigamotormuseum

Muzeju Naktī Motormuzeju apmeklēja rekordliels cilvēku skaits - 25 750!

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