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🌸رف رحدتل آپشپ 🌸  📍AS💕 🍭Balee.AV.MengVers.Genrazor💦 🍭SouthBorneo 🍭14y.o💨 📍Folback👣Likeback??Coment🍃 . Life is a simple brand that makes it expensive🍌🍌

You do not need to be perfect to be loved💙💙

The results will not betray the process💦
(📷): @zuraida_1

Friendship is not in the value of matter but see how sincerely they accept you what🦄
(📷): @rifafaraisy_

When one door closes for you, try to knock on another door👀

There must always be justice for every honesty and truth👀

A cheerful person is usually the most clever to save a wound🍃

Anything about you I never found bored in you👣💕

I do not want praise but I want it in the price💨

I know fall is a pain but I always pray that I do not fall into the same hole🐾

Thanks for the simple conversation we have been🐼

I'm not a trustworthy person with others but I believe can trust you💕💕😚🐱🐁

Maybe this time our path is different but remember one thing I will never forget you and them😽😽👭💕💕

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