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New @officialloaded design has release!Get our
'SPACE COLLECTION' anniversary design and big sale up to 50% SELECTED DESIGN.Will be launch at TEMPATANFEST SHAH ALAM TOMORROW!See u there gais!

Thanks for support us from the bottom till be loaded πŸ”₯

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Hey guys, nak bgitau ni, @anonymous.iphone tengah cari dropship...Yuran dorang hanya RM30 dan korang boleh jana pendapatan RM1000 seminggu tau😍...Cepat daftar jadi dropship...Korang kalau nak cari igshop yang trusted dan bnyk freegifts, cari @anonymous.iphone...Freegifts yang memang berlambak dalam gambar tu semua korang akan dapat...Beli cepat dari @anonymous.iphone

Korang suka iphone x? Meh rief cadangkan satu ig shop ni.. menarik cantik plak tu.. murah.. hadiah pn banyak 8 hadiah weh!! Korang follow ig ni
Yang penting 100%, Ready Stock, COD dan postage dilakukan setiap hari toqqq..


Owner igshop ni @iskandarzoux tau. Semua iPhone original & ready stock! Bank in harini, esok terus post. Wow cepat kannn πŸ‘πŸΌ So jom ramai ramai stalk pastu follow and support @zoux.gadget! ❀

Semoga Allah SWT memberkati korang semua 😘

Sorry tak layak nak pandang camera bila dengan abam shado ni 🀀😭

Thankyou for having me ✨

- 20/7/17 - jangan banyak bunyi kalau fakta kau sikit πŸ‘€
@bubblegumia thankyou for the beautiful casing πŸ˜‹πŸ˜

- 14/7/17- Relationshit. -

That moment when you don't want to give up on somebody, but you know you have to is honestly the worst feeling

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